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We read the task

The wording of the assignment already contains tips that you can use. For example, the structure of the essay is marked:

Introduction + problem statement;

  • commentary on the problem: the first example is an illustration and its significance for solving the problem;
  • commentary on the problem: the second example is an illustration and its significance for solving the problem + semantic connection between the two examples;
  • position of the author;
  • Your attitude to the position of the author and his rationale;
  • conclusion.
  • It would be a great idea to read some articles about


It is very important to observe the breakdown into paragraphs. An erroneous division of the text into paragraphs will necessarily lead to the removal of points (this error is called a violation of paragraph division). It’s best to follow the pattern — one paragraph for each item on the plan. But some deviations from this logic are allowed. For example, you can separate the introduction and the wording of the problem posed in the source text in two paragraphs, or separate your attitude to the position of the author from your argument. You can also determine the semantic connection between two examples, illustrations from the source text, not after the second example, but after the first. Most of the essays express your personal opinion about the problem so read some articles about how to write an opinion essay it gives you strong knowledge about essay writing. And you’ll find a lot of inspiration.

The assignment indicates what you do not need to do – to retell the text or rewrite it – and the lower level of the volume is defined – 150 words. If fewer words, points will be removed. More words can be written and even desirable, but do not forget that you are limited in time. So better put it briefly, but succinctly. An ideal paragraph consists of 4–5 sentences.



What you need to be able to

Read and understand someone else’s text according to the author’s intention. It is very important to correctly interpret the author’s position.

Analyze someone else’s text *. When you write a comment on a text, you demonstrate that you know how to analyze it: divide it into semantic parts, highlight the main thing, see how the author illustrates the problem and expresses his position.

Formulate your position on the question. Your opinion may coincide with the author’s position, or may not coincide. The main thing is to formulate and justify it, as well as show respect for someone else’s point of view, even if you do not agree with it.

It is logical to build your written statement. You must show that you can reason, that is, to build thoughts in a connected chain, where one follows from the other.

Express your thoughts in writing in a literary language and comply with general language literacy standards. You are required to follow the rules of grammar, spelling, and syntax. It is important to avoid stylistic and speech errors and be able to check your text for their presence.

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