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9 Things that your Kitty Loves the Most


Did you apply for an ESA letter for your dog? Every animal has a list of the things and activities that they like and love to do. Dogs love to run around and play ‘fetch’ with you but what about cats? Ever wondered what does your kitty like and love to do? Cats are smart creatures and they are opinionated also.


Unlike dogs, that are happy just to be around you, cats are notorious for acting entitled and being vocal about its likes and dislikes. No matter what, knowing what your feline likes will help you in keeping it happy and well-managed.

Below, we have listed all the things that your cat loves and desires that you know about it.


Kitty Naps


Cats love to sleep! On an average, a cat sleeps for about 12 to 16 hours a day and it is mostly because they are nocturnal animals. Cats are active at night while not very active during the day. Kittens and older cats will sleep even more that the average hours. In case kitty is sleeping too much, take it to the doctor. An ESA letter for housing is important for keeping for your pet with you


Regular Grooming Sessions


Who does not like to be pampered? Everyone and this ‘everyone’ includes your cat also. Cats are naturally clean creatures and they like to stay this way. Unlike dogs, that would love you to help him groom and stay healthy, cats are quite self sufficient in this area. They groom themselves by licking their hair and coat clean.

An emotional support letter can be availed online by following the simple procedure Use the brush to brush your dog each day if conceivable, on the off chance that you have a long-haired dog. This will keep the coat gleaming and expel from it any earth or garbage that may have stalled out in the coat. This self-grooming has lots of benefits like cats lick away any smells that could attract their prey and predator’s attention, it helps to distribute natural oils over the hair and skin and most importantly, it helps them cool down and relax.


Fresh, Tasty and Nutritious Foods


No one likes stale and spoiled food and your cat is no exception. Other than smelling and tasting bad, spoiled, and expired food is also a host of different diseases like Salmonella and Staphylococcus. Make sure that the cat food is fresh and is not expired. Check the dates for both wet and dry food and talk to the veterinarian about the food that would be good for it.
Ensure you realize the best possible approach to do it. In the event that you are uncertain, you can request that the vet show you how. Whereas, the support animal letter is helpful for your pet


Running Fresh Water


Cats love drinking from running faucets. Now, there are many special cat fountains that help them do their favorite activity and if your cat loves to play in water then you can fill a tub halfways and let it relax in it. It is especially helpful in hot days and this will keep your cat cool also.


Scratching and Clawing


Cats have a natural instinct of sharpening their claws and they do it by scratching different surfaces. Besides, they love to scratch itself also as it helps them in relaxing and rejuvenating their muscles. Get your cat a cat tree or a scratching post so that it could give itself a quick scratching session and wake up its lazy and tired muscles.


Daily Playtime Session


Daily playtime is a serious and crucial element of a cat’s life. It keeps them engaged and healthy and they love to play just with anything. You kitty’s playtime is rooted deep into the time when the cats used to live in the wild and used to prey and hunt for food. To keep your cat happy, get some good quality stuffed cat toys and you can play with it yourself also.
Anyhow, the emotional support dog certification is mandatory for keeping the dog with you at home


Watching Birds


Ever saw kitty bundled up against the window? It is because cats love to watch birds flying. Bird watching is a fascinating activity for cats and whether they love to watch their prey flying or the flying movements just fascinate them, they love doing it. If you see your cat doing it for hours then you must make sure that it has its bird watching activity when the sun is not strong.

Staying exposed to strong sunlight could harm your cat’s skin and coat.


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