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  • A stake in one of the largest financial revolution!

  • To understand which blockchain platform to use, one must first know the different types of blockchains available out there.

    Public Blockchains

    In a public blockchain:
    (1) Anyone can download the code and start […]

  • Internet of Things with its world of high connectivity raises a lot of security concerns.

    Blockchain capable of solving this concern because:

    Since IoT requires a large amount of data, your devices are […]

  • How crypto airdrop works?

  • Sol or solution/second (Sol/s) refers to the number of hash computations created per second in cryptocurrency mining. Hashes/second (H/s) is usually equivalent to Sol/s but may differ depending on the hashing […]

  • Monero is an open-source tecgnology that is both secure and untraceable that is available to all.
    Similar to Ethereum, Monero has a dynamic block size; meaning that Monero’s blocks can adapt depending on the n […]

  • Yes it can be mined. It should also be noted that the the Cardano blockchain highly scalable because mining Cardano (ADA) is more energy efficient than other cryptocurrency models in the industry. This method of […]

  • To understand where the data is stored, you will first need to look at what are wallets and blockchain:

    A “wallet” is a collection of ECDSA keypairs. In other words, a keypair consists of a “public key” and a […]

  • A bit of tricky question Kris. From one angle, i feel that blockchain or crptocurrency by itself will not “replace” banks given that banks do not just serve a retail function, but it also serves a corporate […]

  • The market never closes…
    Using cryptocurrencies, anyone in any part of the work can instantly transfer funds to anyone thousands of miles away. This can be done 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
    In the U.S. and o […]

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