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Apple Volume Not Working? Ways to fix it


Having trouble increasing or decreasing the volume on your iPhone? Do you have problems with volume in Or are the speakers completely off? The problem can be system-wide or specific to a particular application and can have multiple causes. 


For example, you may have an iOS technical error, a conflicting audio device, or a misconfigured audio device. Follow the tips and solutions below to fix iPhone sound problems. 


1. Medium Volume Slider 

If your iPhone’s volume up and volume down buttons are unresponsive, a short tap on the volume slider in Control Center can make them work. To do this, swipe down from the top right corner of the screen (or swipe up from the bottom of your iPhone has a home button) and drag the volume slider up or down. 


2. Enable Ringtone and Alarm Volume Buttons 

Let’s just say the volume buttons just can’t change your iPhone’s ringtone and notification volume. If so, it is probably because that audio device is not active. To fix this, do the following. 


1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone. 

2. Tap on the Sounds and Haptics category. 

3. Enable the switch next to Change with buttons. 


3. Disable Silent Mode on iPhone 

If you can adjust the volume on your iPhone, but you don’t hear ringtones or alerts, make sure Silent Mode is not active. To do this, look for the Ring/Silent switch (above the volume buttons). If you see an orange bar, you need to turn the switch the other way. As a confirmation, you will see the warning Turn off silent mode. 


4. Disable Do Not Disturb and Focus 

Do Not Disturb and Focus are two iOS features that silence calls and notifications and send them directly to Voicemail and Notification Center. To turn them off, open the Control Center and click the Do Not Disturb icon or the Center. 


5. Turn the mono sound on/off 

Mono sound is iOS accessibility that plays the same sound from the left and right speakers of the iPhone. Turning it on and off will reset the sound system and help fix minor sound problems. 

 1. Open the Settings app. 

 2. Scroll down and tap Accessibility > Audio/Video. 

 3. Turn on the mono switch. Wait five seconds and turn it off again. 


6. Check Notification Settings 

If your iPhone doesn’t play a sound for app notifications, open Settings, scroll down, and tap that app. Then tap on Notifications and make sure the switch next to Sounds is on. 


7. Look for in-app audio settings 

If the volume controls don’t affect a specific native or third-party app, check the app’s own audio controls. 

For example, the Photos app on the iPhone won’t play sound in videos unless you tap the speaker icon, while Spotify has a built-in equalizer that affects the audio output.


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