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Crypto Are More Popular than Mutual Funds among Millennials

Recently, investing firm Alto recently surveyed adults based in the United States to find out their investment preference. The results show that more millennials...

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Why Binance’s no-fee promise goes above and beyond Robinhood’s

Binance.US is on a mission to use a zero-fee approach by taking crypto trading market share away from popular names like Coinbase and Robinhood. Binance.US...

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Celebrity-endorsed Crypto Scams Rising in UK

Banco Santander SA’s local unit said that celebrity-endorsed cryptocurrency scams in the UK are on pace to almost double this year.   “Case volumes” jumped 61%...

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Bitcoin Miners Sell Their Holdings during Crypto Winter

As a plunge in prices, rising energy costs and increased competition bite into profitability, Bitcoin miners have been forced to tap into their cryptocurrency...

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Regulators Say Recent Crypto ‘Bloodbath’ Could be Beneficial

Crypto executives and regulators seem to agree on one point although they may often don’t see eye to eye, that the recent crypto market...

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