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Rankingball Study 2

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    Bingo Board Arrangement Method 2

    1. Monster Kill and Destroy are chosen from the same team
    2. Monster Kill and Destroy are positioned horizontally. → 46% Bonus Point
    3. Kill is positioned diagonally, and Assist is also positioned diagonally. (With this arrangement, Assist will contribute more to the overall score than Kill score. The advantage of Kill is that you win 250 more FP points. There will be more FP points when the two Kills are activated simultaneously compared to the two Assists.)

    Bingo Board Arrangement Method 2 Result
    1. Scores: 42197.82
    2. Bingo Counts: 117
    3. Activated Counts: 151

    Statistics Analysis
    1. When applying Method 2, the results show that 4,888 participants scored higher than 20,000.
    2. 71 games with scores over 40,000 points were performed by only 2 users. (A user with one account can participate in all contests associated with a single game so it may contain duplicate records)

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