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Partnership with KEEN Wallet

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    Hello fellas!

    You may wonder what Keen Wallet has to do with GDC token.
    GDC token is used as a main method of payment for Keen Wallet’s marketplace.
    Not to mention, the two projects entered a strategic partnership last year!
    Keen Wallet is one of the easiest and most tangible ways to utilize GDC token.


    You can send your GDC token to Keen Wallet, transition it into Keen Points to purchase all kinds of items such as game gift cards, game money cards, mobile top ups and more!
    And of course, Keen Wallet is a blockchain/cryptocurrency wallet so you can store and manage your cryptocurrency.

    A brief overview on how to utilize GDC token via Keen Wallet
    1. You can send GDC token to Keen Wallet to store, withdraw, and trade. After all, it is a blockchain wallet!
    2. You can convert GDC token into Keen Point to purchase various products
    3. You can send GDC token to exchanges like Coinbene and Kyber Network
    4. You can send GDC token to Rankingball to participate in various user games

    Now that you know how to use GDC token via Keen Wallet, let’s get back to today’s main topic! We are excited to share with you that Keen Wallet has added Kinguin to its product channel.

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