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  • samcherry 3 years, 10 months ago

    You can preach what you want, the PageRank belief cannot be eradicated. This manifests itself in the top spot for the search for the word combination PageRank Update , here the master question of all PageRank disciples is asked: When is the next PR update?

    False alarms were frowned upon earlier and were rather rare. Nowadays false alarms seem to be a little more common (and less noticed), why does the Sistrix graphic show the recent PageRank changes . Google has meanwhile started to update the PR every few days, some contemporaries let themselves be bullied by it and announce a new update. It is easy to see the “real” update from December 31, 2019 in the diagram. After all, the PR of around 25% of the monitored domains has changed.

    In any case, the PR hype has calmed down these days. The current PageRank update has so far had 260 answers here and 47 answers there in the Abakus Forum, all in all significantly smaller numbers than 1.5 years ago. There can be no question of healing or turning away from PageRank addiction, thousands of PR update articles speak their own language. There are more and more critical undertones to the Google Pagerank update , but in the end everyone is interested in what has become of the green bars above their domains.

    I can understand that, a high PR facilitates the exchange of links and lets the euros sparkle in the coffers of the link rental companies. What more could you want than common SEO? Good rankings like years ago are no longer so easy to lure with PR, but the PageRank always does as a lure. The question of the next update will delight the SEO blogs and forums on a regular basis. To bridge the waiting time, you can, for example, stare at the following PageRank update page and indulge yourself at the old PR update dates. Or you try the Call recorder and have a great user experience.

    What is striking? In 2019 there were less severe twitches than the years before, only now at the turn of the year did the needle swing violently. And the Germans and Austrians seem to be the craziest PageRank hunters, at least that’s what the numbers reveal in terms of regional interest. Let’s see if it still looks like this in a year. So long the PR is still in. Especially in India, where has now risen to the ranks of the PageRank kings. Check it out on the green bar. I know you have to do that. You are addicted.