Cryptocurrency and NFTs have brought the world to new gateways and have bolstered the trend of industrial innovation. NFTs were introduced as an innovation to digital art; however, the world has propagated pragmatically. One such innovation has been made known by the developers at xHunter, the first token that themes outdoor as the targeted approach.

xHunter envisions revamping the concept of how outdoor events are managed. By presenting a wide use case within this niche, xHunter focuses on bringing the community together. People prefer going outdoors, where a large percentage of our community takes part or witness their presence in outdoor events and tournaments. This helped xHunter enact its vision of providing people with an impressive plan of action for generating income.

How xHunter Considers Making an Impact in the Real-World?

This platform has a very simple and unique approach to gaining users’ attention all around the world. People always look ahead to things that benefit them, spiritually or monetarily. xHunter, consequentially following this ideology, brought users a platform for gaming, providing no-loss lotteries, building NFTs and an appropriate platform for offering it consciousness, and setting up whale buybacks for every no-loss lottery offered to its users.

Although this may not sound quite impactful, xHunter has bigger plans. The platform intends to take two unique directions for making its vision a possibility. xHunter will develop a system of organizing and covering outdoor tournaments and events to bring the community closer. Furthermore, it focuses on designing a gaming application, which expects announcement after its upcoming launch.

xHunter is a possibility for better and sustainable crypto investment. The token believes in offering a unique system of tokenomics that promotes a gradual and organic increase in its price. As xHunter believes in revamping the crypto space and its primary intentions, it intends to normalize sustainability through its tokenomics. With a self-sustainable approach, the token will be able to settle across multiple streams of revenue, which in turn would bring financial stability within the project. This would successfully help the project improve its financial standing in the market, leading to a constant rise in the prices without rearranging wallets.

What Does Its Roadmap Project for the World?

xHunter is all about offering people and influencing the community with its presence. The project has presented a very extensive roadmap with a lot of things planned for the community itself. As xHunter will target the market through multiple dimensions, a lot is expected to come from it. One of the most anticipated offerings by xHunter is its NFT gaming platform, which will benefit the users in multiple ways. Not only does this focus on offering a profitable platform within the crypto space, but it also brings up an appropriate system of providing winners of their tournaments with NFTs.

Along with that, xHunter expects to introduce no-loss lotteries for its users. Holders simply need to hold their $XHT tokens for a predetermined timeframe and, from there, they are eligible to win from xHunter’s prize pools. Best of all? They can use half their earnings towards whale buybacks of the $XHT token.

As simple as it sounds, the practical implementation of their upcoming NFT gaming platform is designed to bring the community closer. xHunter uses the digital concept of influencing outdoor tournaments positively under the right mindset. While realizing the importance of outdoor events, xHunter continues in its roadmap to hosting tournaments and events by themselves, exempting all the possibilities of losses. The events are believed to be followed by multiple prize pools, which would attract a maximum of users for participating in these events.

Although it sounds hypothetical, xHunter is working towards making all of this possible. Following different tournaments and prize pools, the platform brings one of the most anticipated and exciting upgrades in its system.

Whale buybacks are another innovation that xHunter developers have attenuated in their roadmap. This concept is to be attached across every no-loss lottery. To keep the price on a continual rise, xHunter believes in asking the winners of each prize pool to buy back half of its value in the project. It is very important to sustain the price of a crypto asset, which is facilitated through their strategic and aggressive buybacks.

xHunter also plans to create an online store for the best outdoors and gaming equipment, turning this into more than just a regular cryptocurrency.

How is xHunter Proceeding as a Successful Project in Real-Time?

xHunter has worked through numerous technical aspects to present a plausible and feasible financial stability approach in a crypto asset. While working through the use case for xHunter, the project has successfully recognized the key to its success, i.e., the hodlers. No-loss lotteries, whale buybacks, and prize pools are features that are primarily guided towards providing users with sustenance and profitability.

xHunter has been building up a good market cap for categorically improving its position to fulfill its ambitious roadmap. It has raised around $400,000 in a private sale and expects to raise another $350,000 in total in the public pre-sale scheduled on September 3rd. The xHunter team is working hard on providing the world with an opportunity of their lifetime. By September 5th, xHunter believes in initiating its project in the crypto market with a market cap of $1.5M.

The crypto market has presented a very promising sentiment in accepting NFTs as a futuristic investment for people. Gaming, as an institution, has been promoted by numerous cryptos and NFTs, which allows xHunter to outshine every other project in the market. The token presents a more realistic and reality-based approach for its investors.

The developers at xHunter believe in the importance of communication with the community itself. The project has kept a very cohesive relationship with the community through its Telegram channel. The project has presented a series of explainer videos related to the token across their 10,000-member Telegram channel, making it one of the most anticipated pre-sale launches on Binance Smart Chain for 2021.

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