• Wikipedia is now a part of the Brave rewards program
  • Users of the Brave browser can directly pay to Wikipedia and its authors
  • Brave is quickly scaling up in the crypto sector

Wikipedia, the largest collection of information on the Internet has now become an openly crypto-friendly platform by finalizing a partnership with Brave Browser. This will put Wikipedia one among the elite list of ‘Verified’ publishers of the Brave Platform and will allow users of Wikipedia to directly reward Wikipedia and its authors with BAT, the native cryptocurrency of the Brave Browser.

The Brave Wave

August 27 was an immensely successful day for The Brave Software Inc. as they put out a press release announcing its long-awaited partnership with Wikipedia, Inc., the 7th most visited site on all of Internet. The official Brave website states that “By becoming a Brave Verified Publisher, Wikipedia joins over 240,000 publishers and creators on the Brave platform able to receive Basic Attention Token (BAT) donations from Brave’s over 7 million monthly active users.”

Wikipedia operates on a donation-based revenue model, with the Wikimedia Foundation reporting annual revenues of over $109 million in 2017. It’s also one of the few companies that rely on donations while foregoing advertisements on their website. By joining had with the Brave Ecosystem, Wikipedia has gained another stream of revenue to support itself by relying on the users of BAT to help them out in the long run. By removing the apparent friction for donating, Wikipedia has made it easier for readers to donate and make the most out of their favourite platform.

Is this Good news for Brave?

With Wikipedia now under its list of partnerships, Brave has sure been making a stride for continuous adoption. As per the Brave records, there are 3,000 verified publishers on this platform with an uptick in applications for the year 2019. It is quite evident that people are beginning to notice the appeal of the Brave Browers and Basic Attention Token, and are willing to change their browsing preferences t slowly integrate Brave into their lives.

No matter how much more struggle Brave browser and its revolutionary crypto token BAT has to face to establish itself as a strong source of income for the contributors, the comprehensive step has indeed made the heads turn. The rising popularity of the platform is surely a thing to take notice of and applaud.

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