Holding the name of “ Blockchain for the people”, Waves is a decentralized platform which allows its users to hold, manage and trade their digital assets on it. The most interesting aspect of Waves is that it allows the users to issues their own digital assets in a simple yet secure way. To vastly simplify it, it means that users who reside on Waves platform could  create their own custom and unique token for their own crowdfunding purpose ranging from creating in app currencies to building a loyalty reward program. Traders, investors, developers, businesses as well as corporations are able to reap huge fruits in various different ways by using the Waves Platform. Imagine in just a matter of minutes, you are able to customize and launch our own digital token even without any background and knowledge in programming, this is exactly what Waves is trying to offer.

Founded in 2016 by Sasha Ivanov, a technology entrepreneur, Waves platform is the product of Sasha’s vision to reinvent the entrepreneurship around the globe by infrastructure sharing. These infrastructures are meant to highly functional as well as easy and intuitive to use so that people and organizations who have access to the blockchain could benefit from it. There are three primary advantages of the Waves network which is Customs Applications Tokens (CATs), Decentralized exchange and Smart Contract. As mentioned before, by creating or customize your own token, you can buy, sell and transact your token anyway you want without the involvement of a third party. However, it is important to note that tokens created on the Wave platform are less functional compared to the other tokens created on a different platform, for instance Ethereum. Despite being slightly lack in functionalities, the advantage of being able to create new digital assets without any programming knowledges far outweigh its limitations.

The decentralized exchange in the Waves platform plays a major role in attracting users as well. With the built-in decentralized exchange, users can trade their digital tokens and other assets issued on the Waves platform securely and , abolishing the needs of transferring their funds to a centralized exchange and further eliminating any risk associated with trading in a centralized exchange.

To explore more details about Waves platform, a PDF of Waves (Waves) Whitepaper is included below.

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