Gathering like-minded people together through NFTs: their vision and mission are fuelled with realistic idealism, targetted to connect the virtual world with exclusive socials events in real life.

Bringing together people from all 6 (inhabited) continents, The United Bear Society consists of 6 distinguished characters each symbolizing a species that is inherent to that geographic region.

Bears are known around the world for their strength and they symbolize the courage to evolve, be open-minded and trusting instincts.

Among the 9900 unique characters, there are more than 400 unique traits and features which are distinctive by their rarity. These social bears come alive in the form of an animation movie, create online and offline friends, and then together create the United Bear Society.

Each NFT-holder will be granted access to an exclusive club of creative people, from artists to musicians, from actors to entrepreneurs in real life.

In this exclusive club, each character representing one of the 6 continents, with traits that relate to specific customs and traditions, hobbies, and heritage, belonging to each continent.

With very detailed and diverse image of bears, from panda and koala to grizzly and brown bears, this distribution is randomly mixed to ascertain the fair distribution of artwork to future members.

There will be a program of exclusive international events, community meetups, interaction, and engagement, which are set to separate the United Bear Society from any other NFT project out there.

The CEO of the company notes: “We are a project where words are put into practice, not by means of a fancy whitepaper promising the world, but by means of real-life partnerships and events, with well-known artists and brands worldwide.”

To bridge between the virtual world and reality, the United Bear Society has established partnerships with a number of businesses in the fields of business, hospitality, music, art, and film to carry out exclusive meetups.

The first event will be held in Spain, as a prelaunch meetup, where lucky community members will the chance to meet and greet the team on the magical island of Ibiza for a week full of surprises. Such an approach again emphasizes the true uniqueness of the project, with a focus on real life experiences.

True believers will be rewarded with entries to exclusive events on a regular basis, United Bear Society merchandise, and more.

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