The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) warned Anchorage Digital Bank National Association that it violated rules to monitor suspicious activity and prevent money laundering on Thursday.

OCC said in its order that Sioux Falls, South Dakota-based firm failed to implement a compliance program meeting anti-money laundering and Bank Secrecy Act requirements. Anchorage Digital received a conditional charter from the regulator in January 2021.

Its spokesperson said Anchorage Digital has already begun improving the areas OCC found deficient, and “will continue to do so” in 2021. The company did not admit or deny the OCC’s findings.

According to OCC’s order, the company must establish a compliance committee within 15 days and submit a progress report and remediation plan to the regulator.

According to the order, Anchorage has begun corrective action and is committed to remediation.

On another news, Binance asks to be removed from Crypto romance scam lawsuit.

On Thursday, Binance told a federal judge in Texas that she should be removed from a lawsuit alleging the exchange assisted a romance scam.

Plaintiff Divya Gadasalli is suing the Cayman Islands company in the federal civil court over Binance’s alleged role in the scheme, which she said involved cashing out crypto she had bought on Coinbase (COIN). Also being sued by Gadasalli are TD Bank, Abacus Federal Savings Bank, Poloniex and others. 

As Binance pointed out in its motion to dismiss, Gadasalli’s allegations were based on paper-thin assertions that did not establish her case.

In addition, the exchange said it does not do business in the United States, and as a foreign entity it is not subject to the “personal jurisdiction” of the U.S. federal court system. Binance cited a number of recent dismissals of other cases in federal court, including in Florida, New York and California.

Binance’s lawyers did not immediately comment when contacted Thursday. Plaintiff’s lawyers did not pick up the phone.

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