Bitcoin (BTC) Gambling comes with many incentives, welcome bonuses, weekly bonuses, and the like. Of course, you can also argue that the essence of most of these bonuses has to do with winning. Nevertheless, there’s still a bonus that comes with losing, and this is known as cashback.

Many punters are unaware of this bonus that BTC gambling casinos instituted for the sake of their customers. This piece will introduce you to the various forms in which this bonus can appear. 

What is a Cashback

All businesses benefit from having loyal customers and returning customers. These businesses do all they can to keep their customers happy. An online casino is also a business that benefits from having customers, and as such, it isn’t exempt from this.

An online casino should naturally worry more about unhappy customers for a business that makes money when the customers lose. This is the purpose for which a cashback was intended. Cashback is an initiative that allows punters to recover a fraction of their losses for a day or a week.

You could say that cashback is an online casino’s method of showing their customers that they care. This initiative is also practiced by the lesser-known BTC gambling casinos. 

5 Popular Cashbacks from BTC Gambling Sites

If you’re a steady punter on the BTC gambling scene, you’ve probably benefited from a cashback. Although I stated earlier that cashback is given daily or weekly, this is just one popular form.

There are many forms in which cashback can come, and the following are five of them:

1.     Accrual Cashback: Accrual cashback is one of the most popular forms offered by many BTC gambling casinos out there. This type of cashback is offered based on a deposit you made or the losses you incurred.

Although it starts at a measly 1% most of the time, some online casinos offer up to 5%. Nonetheless, it would help if you understood that it could defer from customer to customer. A casino would always want to hold onto a high-roller; hence, their cashback would naturally be higher.

2.     Receipt Cashback: A receipt cash back is another popular form of cashback, yet it’s one that most players miss. This is simple; the customer would have to make a call to customer care to call it in. They could also be required to enter a code to activate the cashback they have qualified for.

Most punters never visit any other section on the BTC gambling site other than the games section. This would explain why many of them inevitably miss it. 

3.     Wager Cashback: You could say the wager cashback is one of the easiest to qualify for. Pikers are only expected to make wagers or not to be eligible for this cashback. Of course, these simplistic terms could be limited by terms and conditions, but it’s still one of the easiest.

4.     Issue Cashback: This cashback comes as bonus money offered by the BTC gambling casino, cash deposits made to a customer’s account, etc. It could also come as loyalty points offered to specific customers. 

5.     Frequency Cashback: The frequency cashback comes daily, weekly, or even monthly. Many BTC casinos offer this option; it could be said to be the most popular form of cashback out there.

Terms and Conditions Involved In Receiving Cashback

Although cashback is not the best offer that you can receive from BTC gambling casinos, they’re still substantial. However, this shouldn’t conclude that terms and conditions do not bind this cashback.

Like every other offer from a casino, there’s a reason why a bulk of the players are disqualified. As such, it’s better to always read up on the terms and conditions behind each cashback offered by a casino. 

Although the terms differ in various ways for each online casino, some remain the same. The list below outlines some of the popular terms and conditions that you’ll see at a BTC casino:

  • The returns are always limited: Although an internet-based casino may offer a 3% cashback on daily plays, you shouldn’t blow $3 million a day expecting cashback. These offers always have a maximum amount that you can be paid regardless of how much you play. 

So, you should always be aware of how much the casino is willing to pay. In other words, it helps to be careful about how much you’re ready to part with for a cashback.

  • The cashback is wagered a specific way: Some of the cashback you qualify for must be used at the dispensation of the casino for it to work. This implies that you must wager the amount with specific odds, wager a certain amount for games, etc.
  • Cashback may only be available on specific games: Similar to the variance in slots, some games cater to the needs of high-rollers and low spenders. As such, it would be logical for cashback to be available on a game that caters to high rollers. So, don’t think all games at a BTC gambling casino offer cashback to players.

  • The cashback percentage is at the casino’s discretion: Although this goes without saying, you should understand that the casinos set the cashback. Unfortunately, this also means that it could also be reset at their discretion without informing any customers. So, you should always have it in the back of your mind that the terms of cashback awarded can change at any time.

Although these are some of the most popular terms and conditions for cashback, it doesn’t mean that’s all of it. So, always make it a habit to look at all terms and conditions before aiming for a cashback. 


The cashback offered at BTC gaming platforms is a pleasurable experience. However, it’s crucial that you don’t make getting one a “do or die” affair. 

Visiting a casino is an opportunity to make money, lose some money, and generally have fun. So, it would help if you didn’t allow hunger for cashback to stop you from playing at your favorite casino.

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