The realm of cryptocurrency is undoubtedly always full of unexpected surprises. Most of the investors opt to store their crypto-asset in desktop wallet, software, or even on cryptocurrency exchanges themselves. However, if you are a “HODLer” who would not mind paying an upfront cost for a peace of mind, hardware wallet might be a sound option. Hardware wallet are designed to be tampered proof and allows the user to store private keys of their crypto-asset offline without the reach of hacker and digital attacks. 

It also provides consumers an option to carry their crypto-asset physically around with them, offering a great sense of security for some of the users. One of a major advantage about hardware wallet is that even if you lose the wallet, you can always retrieve or restore all your assets in a new wallet. If you are a crypto-investor who is planning to get a hardware wallet but keeps agonizing on choosing the best hardware wallet from all the available options from the market, this might just be the article you need.

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Top 3 Best Hardware Wallets

  1. 1 CoolwalletS

    The first wallet featured in our list is the CoolwalletS. As the name suggest, it is indeed a very cool wallet. The most eye-catching feature about this wallet is its ridiculously portable size. While almost all the available hardware wallet in the market right now is somewhat portable, but CoolwalletS redefined portable with its credit-card size dimension, allowing the users to slip it into the wallet or even just a card holder. The simplistic dark theme design with some yellow branding and highlight is the perfect combination of aesthetics and style. 

    The top corner of the wallet also houses an e-paper display which not only allows you to check your cryptocurrency balances, but also enables you to send and receive supported cryptocurrency on the go. There is also exclusive app for CoolwalletS, named Coolbitx. By simply connecting the wallet to the app via Bluetooth, the use of a desktop computer to configure and manage the wallet can be obliterated. If you are looking for a slender, stylish and mobile friendly hardware wallet, Coolwallet S is the wallet to go.

  2. 2 Trezor Model T

    If you are a serious bitcoin investor who values security more than anything else, Trezor Model T by SatoshiLabs might be the safest bet for you. Although all the hardware wallet available on the market are supposed to be highly secure and safe from attack, Trezor Model T is more secured than any others. Being one of the oldest and most reputable company in the industry of hardware wallet, Trezor Model T was designed to bear multiple layers impressive security measures which will put any potential threats under scrutiny. 

    One of the most spectacular security measure of this flagship model is that it comes with write protected bootloader which is able to verifies the firmware signature and BIP39 support. Unlike its predecessor, Trezor Model T now comes equipped with a small touchscreen to allow a more modern and intuitive control. What Trezor Model T lacks in style makes up in the security of this device. Trezor Model T are so secured that it resemblance a vault more than a wallet. As mentioned before, if the primary feature you are looking for in a hardware wallet is security, you could not go wrong with Trezor Model T.

  3. 3 Freewallet

    Freewallet is a multi-currency platform, where you can trade with several hundred crypto assets. The wallet provides access to the top crypto coins and ERC-20 tokens. Crypto can be purchased and converted with the help of the Fast Exchange option.

    Since its inception in 2016, Freewallet has evolved into a universal platform for crypto enthusiasts. The wallet’s mission is to make the crypto process easy and intuitive for all levels of users. In addition to the core buy and exchange features, the wallet allows buying 1000+ gift cards with crypto and topping up mobile phone balance with BTC. Trading is secured with a mandatory PIN code, 2FA, and the use of multiple email addresses for the validation of transactions.

    Freewallet offers a multi-currency app along with more than 20 single-currency mobile apps. The multi-currency platform is available on iOS, Android, and as the web version. The variety of coins offered for the purchase and exchange coupled with the convenience of the platform make Freewallet one of the most attractive crypto wallets in the market.

    Download Freewallet

  4. 4 Ledger Nano S

    The third hardware wallet that makes it into our list is the Ledger Nano S. If you are a crypto investor who wants an extra layer of security without hurting your actual wallet too much, Ledger Nano S is an interesting choice. This is a battery-less device with a dimension and look similar to an ordinary thumb drive. There is also a small OLED interface and two buttons for the users to navigate around the device. Getting a Ledger Nano S for yourself will set you back for approximately $65 and this is a very competitive price among all the other hardware wallet. 

    While being tiny in size, Ledger Nano S does not compromise on security detail. It is extremely safe with no reported theft or lost so far. However, one of a small downside of this device is that it needs to be connected to a desktop or mobile device via USB to fully utilize the device. Combining its tiny size, high security and ability to support up to 9 different type of cryptocurrencies, Ledger Nano S is a feasible choice if you want to make a bang for the buck.

Ensuring the safety and security of your cryptocurrencies

Although hardware wallet promised an enhanced security against other means of crypto-storing methods and there has been little reported scam, theft or digital attacks against hardware wallet during the writing time of this, it does still needs the users to exercise cautious all the time to ensure the safety of their coins. Here are some useful tips to keep in mind 

Tip 01: Always and only buy from a reputable seller. While trying to purchase a hardware wallet, be sure to only purchase it directly from the manufacture or an authorised reseller. Second hand wallet from unknown or unreliable sources opens a huge risk for the users to get hacked and theft. 

Tip 02: Always follow the security instructions of the wallet. Most of the wallet available in the market comes with a series of security instructions to help you secure your coins or even helps you recover your coin if your hardware wallet gets damaged. These instructions are extremely important, and it is essential for all the users to follow with extreme cautions. After all, it is never a good idea to joke around on the matters of security. 

Tip 03:Always keep private details to yourself. Never disclose any information regarding the security details of your hardware wallet to anyone. Revealing the security details such as your crypto private key to the others exponentially increase the risk of getting hacked via social engineering. 

Tip 04: Always secure your recovery seeds. Under the circumstances where your hardware wallet is damaged or lost, recovery seed is needed to re-access and recover your lost coins. Hence it is always a good idea to write down your recovery seeds both physically and digitally to and store them in secure places.

What is your favourite hardware wallet and why? Let us know!

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