There is no doubt that the world of crypto is extremely volatile and always full of surprises and that is why a good cryptocurrency news aggregator can come in handy  to ensure that you will always up to speed in real time with what’s happening in the cryptosphere. This article is devoted to informing you about some of the best cryptocurrency news aggregators currently available. Although they are equally great in our opinions, there are still some slight variations regarding the visual and user experience respectively that might appeal to different groups of people . If you are a serious crypto investor, you might want to check them all out and find out the one that suits your needs the best. Here are our top picks :

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  1. Cryptomaniac

    As a cryptocurrency news tool, CoinSpectator definitely get its job done by allowing users to catch up with the latest trend, news, and information in the crypto world with ease. CoinSpectator features a wide variety of news sources so that you will never miss any important news. If you are a crypto enthusiast who are hungry for information, there is also a newsletter for you to subscribe and an active blog for you to follow to provide you with the latest information to back up your investment choices.

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  2. Cryptomaniac

    On a quick glance, CoinView looks remarkably similar to the Blockfolio app. Besides the usual features such as monitoring news from all major sources and keeping track of users' portfolios, CoinView also provides a unique feature which enables users to keep track of initial coin offerings (ICOs) whether ongoing or upcoming.

    However, what really sets CoinView apart from all its competitors is its exclusive, free trans-mining feature called Hummingbird which has recently been released. More details about the feature can be found here:

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  3. Cryptomaniac

    Just like any other cryptocurrency news aggregator platform, FAWS is capable of allowing its user to keep track of all the news and trends which are happening in the exciting world of cryptocurrency. With more than 30+ platform from all around the world backing up FAWS with their tremendous amount of resources, it is safe to say that FAWS is one of the news aggregator platforms that never fails its users.  FAWS also provide a portfolio management feature so that users can easily know how much their cryptocurrency assets worth in real time just by a quick glance at their portfolio. 

    Website Link 

  4. Cryptomaniac

    Ever wondering why the price of cryptocurrencies keep skyrocketing or plummeting without any observable indication?  If this problem haunts you as a crypto investor, maybe it is time for you to join CryptoPanic! Each and every news presented on this platform can be marked “bullish,” “bearish,” or “important” by the users to help the community to study and analyzed exactly how the news is going to impact the price of a specific cryptocurrency. Besides, the platform also allow you to customize how and what content are being displayed. Whether it is just news from your favourite website or the news that is revolving around a specific coin, the choice is yours! With $9 a month, you can unlock the pro version where you get to enjoy more premium features.

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  5. Cryptomaniac

    The Blockfolio Bitcoin/ Altcoin App is extremely popular among the cryptocurrency community. Apart from constantly updating you the most recent news about digital coins, what makes this app stands out among all the other competitor is its ability to support more than 3000 cryptocurrencies. As one of the most popular cryptocurrency portfolio management app, it also enables the user to view their portfolio in more than 30 fiat currencies such as USD, JPY, GBP, EUR, SGD, CNY and many more. 

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  6. Cryptomaniac

    Although CoinLib is not a news aggregator platform to be precise, it does provide a similar feature as well on the platform and that is why we include CoinLib in this list. To use CoinLib as a news aggregator platform, all you have to do is just access the cryptocurrency news section and voila, you are now connected with the latest event and issues that are happening in the crypto world now. It is also worth mention that if you create an account on CoinLib, which is free by the way, you are enabling yourself to access more exciting features such as portfolio tracking and management.

    Website Link 

  7. Cryptomaniac

    If you are also opting for some different news other than only news from the crypto world, News 360 might be a suitable choice for you. News 360 is an extremely powerful news aggregation app that works like a breeze on smartphones, tablet and even on your computer. This app is powered by Artificial intelligent which is capable to analyze your news reading behavior to provide you a more personalized experience. Currently serving more than 7 million users, News 360 might just be the news aggregator for you. 

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  8. Cryptomaniac

    Featuring a distinctly different colour scheme from all the other apps in this list, Crypto of The Day is not only a pleasure to look at, but also a pleasure to use. The vote and comment system in the app records your preference as well as the other users such that you can now find out how other people think about your favourite coin. Discuss in the community to start making better and smarter investment choices!

    Android App Download 

  9. Cryptomaniac

    To have control in your cryptocurrency investment, you must have the right tool and CryptoControl, as the name suggest might just be the one tool you need. At the first glance, you will notice something really different from all the other news aggregator platform. CryptoControl features a very simplistic and ease-on-eye interface and a news feed similar to a timeline. It is important to bear in mind that being simplistic does not mean inadequacy in information, On the contrary, CryptoControl combine news feed from various major and minor sources and presented it in an intuitive way. For instance, CryptoControl makes clever use of Geometry to make their presentation more attractive. The size of the squares containing news feed varies depending on the impact or the importance of the news, which gives the users a unique visual feedback. Aside from its website , cryptocontrol is also available as android and ios app

    Website Link | Android App Download  | IOS App Download

  10. Cryptomaniac

    This app feels like a Facebook for the cryptocurrency news, the main interface of the app is equipped with a timeline where the user can follow the most updated cryptocurrency news in real time. It categorized the news and information under a few sub-categories such as websites, twitter accounts and blog so that the user can retrieve the desired information more efficiently while reducing the risk of overlooking potential valuable information. It also features a quite powerful search function that can be utilized by the users to get specific information for individual reasons. 

    Android Download 

  11. Cryptomaniac

    As the name of the app suggest, If you are a big-time crypto lover and looking forward to become a crypto millionaire, Crypto Millionaire might just be the app that could potentially help you on your way there 😎 . With its unique yet powerful algorithm, Crypto millionaire is the only app that will teach you how to invest instead of just displaying your portfolio and comes with a news aggregator feature. The app implements the HODL strategy in the algorithm and uses a diversification score as an indicator to show its user whether he/she under or over-invest in any particular coins. 

    Android App Download 

  12. Cryptomaniac

    Cryptonomy Crypto Tracker, news, chat is the all in one app that not only includes price tracker, news source, and portfolio management but it also integrate with a crypto forum so that you can exchange opinion with other like-minded crypto lovers! Did we mention that the portfolio tracker can also track stocks instead of just cryptocurrencies? Well now you know! 

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  13. Cryptoverze

    Berminal is a real-time cryptocurrency news platform with a full-time staff of professional reporters creating and curating content. Berminal delivers live prices and technical trading indicators for over 100 crypto assets around the clock with a customizable watchlist and push notifications. Berminal is developing a governance protocol with a utility token named BERM. Earn BERM tokens for installing the app, voting on news, and playing Crypto Psychic – a daily bitcoin price prediction IOS App Download game.

    Website Link | Android App Download  | IOS App Download

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