The education industry has sought for a technology that will bring easy access to quality education to everybody, irrespective of class and geographical location. Over the years, a lot of innovations have sprang up, but none seemed to provide the needed solution until the invention of Blockchain. Recently, platforms have been inculcating the now popular blockchain technology to offer the perfect educational structure. Here is a list of seven of the top blockchain powered platforms, presently disrupting the education space.


Disclaimer: The purpose of this list is not to pick the ” best ” cryptocurrency. The fundamental purpose of this list is to encourage community engagement and intellectual debate among the supporters of different cryptocurrency projects. By bringing supporters of different projects together, we hope to unravel the actual value and sentiment of each project via civilized debates. p.s. Nothing in this article should be treated as financial advice.


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  1. 1 ODEM


    ODEM is another platform that is doing well in its quest to initiate a revolution in the world of education using blockchain technology. The platform is built to be a means from where students and other people seeking to buy education can connect with top academics and leaders in the educational system for the purpose of getting on-site educational experience of good quality at a very affordable price.

  2. Cryptomaniac

    Open source university strives to become the world's pioneer in decentralized academic and career development platform, with a huge potential to redefine academical development and professional growth. The platform is based on the Ethereum blockchain and its developers envisioned that it will be a global higher education platform that is on a class of its own.

  3. Cryptomaniac

    BitDegree is an online platform that seeks to spark a revolution in the education sector by leveraging on blockchain technology. The company operates on the Ethereum blockchain with a goal to offer a better experience to students who wish to acquire education online.

  4. Cryptomaniac

    Extracredit seeks to resolve the lack of balance that exists between developed and undeveloped country in the knowledge of Blockchain technology. It is a decentralized study platform built to empower people with basic knowledge about blockchain and cryptocurrency, irrespective of geographical location. It has developed a learning ecosystem for to address issues relating to shortage of skilled talent in the blockchain industry. Upon full implementation, it will offer full courses in blockchain management, security, development, and evaluation.

  5. Cryptomaniac

    Tutellus aims to transform the way the present day education industry is run. It leverages on the blockchain technology to offer a system that strengthens the relationship between teachers and students. It is also one of the first platform that intends to introduce payment to students as reward for learning, and payment to teachers as reward for their level of impact on the students learning success.

  6. Cryptomaniac

    Education Ecosystem is a major blockchain innovation that's changing the norms in the education industry. It is a professional development platform that combines decentralized technology with Artificial Intelligence to teach people how to start out with building complete products in the fields of future technology. Unlike majority of other existing online platforms for education, LiveEdu emphasizes on intermediates to experts instead of beginners. 

  7. Cryptomaniac

    With the current world of education cumbered with a variety of problems that  affect overall learning experience and access, EDUCare has sprung up with the intention to provide a decentralized educational system, where major players can connect to for seamless transfer of knowledge across boundaries. It intends to provide quality education to the most unprivileged class at a reduced cost, using blockchain technology.

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