Cryptocurrencies and the technology that powers them, blockchain, have become the latest buzzword in Silicon Valley and beyond, inspiring legions of traders around the world to get in on the latest trend.

Touted by some as world-changing tech and derided by others for being a complicated fad, blockchain nonetheless has definite applications outside of cryptocurrencies that have many industries looking into its potential applications in their fields. 

When it comes to firms that have a deep knowledge about blockchain technologies and its applications, consulting firms that specialize in this area find that they have the insight and expertise to help companies and industries implement the tech into their processes in ways that industry stalwarts may not have previously considered. 

But finding the best blockchain consulting firms in the world is almost a task unto itself. 

Yet, in this article, we’ve compiled a list of the ten best blockchain consulting firms that have proven track records for helping industries take ideas from the drawing board to the real world. 

These are the 9 top blockchain consulting firms in the world: 

  1. 1 Blockchain Mind

    Based in Ontario, Canada, Blockchain Mind examines companies from a business production standpoint and sees how blockchain technology can assist in the more efficient execution of that process. Blockchain Mind takes an integratory and revolutionary process, opting to either change the way a company does things or integrate new ways into old processes depending on what the firm is looking for and what offers the most return for the client. One area where Blockchain Mind excels and bests the competition is in assisting clients in development of bespoke app solutions for their blockchain needs. The consulting firm also has deep insights into cryptocurrency trading.

  2. 2 BelfricsBT

    Based out of Malaysia, BelfricsBT offers blockchain solutions for companies working with logistics and manufacturing. In addition to strategic insights into blockchain and cryptocurrency technology, BelfricsBT also has experience in setting ICOs (initial coin offerings). Though not the only company to do so, offering particular insights in setting up and putting new cryptocurrencies on the market make BelfricsBT a particularly powerful team of consultants.

  3. 3 Blockchain Center

    This Australia-based firm acts more like a center for learning and advancement of blockchain technologies and innovations than anything else, collating the expertise of world leaders in the field of cryptocurrencies and blockchain tech into one area. A center for advocacy as much as it is a catalyst for change, Blockchain Center looks at blockchain technology from a holistic perspective and as part of interlocking systems that could all be linked by blockchain tech.  

  4. 4 Crypto4All

    Like BelfricsBT, this blockchain consulting firm based in France has deep experience in helping clients launch initial coin offerings as well as in the setup and maintenance of the exchange to handle that operation. Specializing in financial analysis, business development, and technological development, Crypto4All takes a multifaceted approach in its consultancy. 

  5. 5 CryptoConsultant

    Another Ontario, Canada-based blockchain consultancy, CryptoConsultant has a particular depth of expertise when it comes to Bitcoin and the technology that powers it. In addition to their insights into Bitcoin markets, CryptoConsultant also offers insights into other cryptocurrencies as well as the markets underpinning them. While Bitcoin often steals the show when it comes to cryptocurrencies, CryptoConsultant’s insights into more esoteric currencies are an appreciated addition to the landscape.

  6. 6 Skcript

    Headquartered in Chennai, India, Skcript focuses on development of ledger applications as well as apps that use blockchain technology. One of the few consultancies that promises beginning to end project management and services, Skcript also innovates in the area of blockchain tech and cryptocurrency accountancy with its work on the Hyperledger concept. Though it isn’t the only firm in the world to work with such technology it is one of the preeminent experts in the field. 

  7. 7 Chainsmiths

    With offices in both Dublin, Ireland, and Lisbon, Portugal, Chainsmiths specializes in the design and implementation of blockchain architecture as well as offering trainings and educational courses on the blockchain technology. A resource for budding developers and companies alike, Chainsmiths’ broad-based approach to cryptocurrency is a boon for both the consumer and the industry at large. And not only that, but Chainsmiths’ visionary approach with regard to blockchain implementation makes them particularly insightful.  

  8. 8 Scala Blockchain

    Spanning the globe from Germany to the United Arab Emirates to Singapore, Scala Blockchain focuses on blockchain technology as it applies to healthcare, social media, and in the creation and execution of contracts. In addition to these focuses, Scala Blockchain also offers insights into launching initial coin offerings as well as offering customized development for cryptocurrency and blockchain solutions.

  9. 9 Blockchain Driven

    Billed as the blockchain application experts, this New York company offers particular insights into Ethereum markets as well as Hyperledger technology. Much more financially focused than some of the other consultancies on this list, Blockchain Driven looks with particular interest at the impact cryptocurrency and blockchain technology is having on financial markets and trading.

Though all of the world’s top blockchain consultancies are tied together through a bond of shared excellence, the choice as to which one a company or individual should choose largely depends on the services required. Though some offer a broader based expertise than others, some companies may seek particularly specialities instead of that universal approach. To top it all off, the needs of companies with regard to blockchain technology and cryptocurrency are so varied and different that there is little wonder that, even among the 9 top blockchain consulting firms in the world, there is little homogeneity among the companies on this list. 

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