allows to automate sending Tokens/Ethereum and getting information on balances and was created with the goal of creating an automated solution to interact with the Ethereum blockchain. For example, the API makes it possible to send any ERC20 token and Ethereum, in-stead of having to send them manually each time from various wallets. It also makes it easy to store and manage Ethereum and ERC20 tokens. can be used with all ERC20 tokens by default and is particularly secure because each transaction is protected by the user’s personal password. At the same time, it is a financially affordable solution because it only has to be paid for successful API requests. The experienced team behind it is constantly improving the solution, adding new features and improving the infrastructure.

What does offer in detail? It offers a variety of different functions: ERC20 tokens can be sent and received automatically without having to take care of them. The same applies to Ethereum. Information about ERC20 and Ethereum transactions can easily be read out via transac-tion hash. It is also possible to retrieve data of any ERC20 token. In addition, it is easy to get infor-mation about ERC20 and Ethereum balances via our solution. It also allows to rent Ethereum ad-dresses, making it possible to provide wallets to users without the need to run and manage any in-frastructure like Ethereum nodes. There are also other helpful functions like getting the latest ex-change rate from Ethereum to Euro and Ethereum to Dollar and getting the number of the last mined Ethereum block.

But wait, who actually needs this API? Here are a few examples. Cryptocurrency exchanges often need to process deposits and withdrawals of various ERC20 tokens. Wallet providers need to pro-cess deposits and withdrawals, too. Maybe they also need to check balances on the various Ethereum addresses of their users. Even E-Commerce stores might want to accept a specific token or Ethereum as payment method – which they can now do. A lot of ICOs are running airdrops, cur-rently they can only distribute their tokens manually or with a special function in their smart con-tracts. With it is possible to automate this task in an easy way. Also, there are pro-jects who want to make a real tradeable token out of their digital currency. This is just another case the solution can be used for.

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