Technological advancement has enabled everyone to share with the world on what they are passionate about, with just a touch on a smart device. The seamless flow of information has bred the perfect catalyst of growth and demand for great online content. By participating in affiliate programs, you can earn passive income from the comfort of your home if you have anything on the web which attracts visitors.

Affiliate program is also widely known as the referral program, and here’s how easy it is to kickstart on an affiliate program:

1. Sign up for an account on the source website.

2. You would be given a unique referral link that would direct to their website.

3. Share this link on your online platform. 

4. When someone clicks on your referral link, sign up for an account or completes a certain set of requirements, you will earn a commission.

5. Set the marketing gimmick running. Get as many people as you can to click on your referral link by being creative and consistent in your marketing approaches.

Ladies and gentlemen, this entire process is called affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing can take place in various forms. The more common approaches are content writing in blogs, posting on social media channels such as Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, Tweeter, WhatsApp, Telegram and the publishing of advertisements on online website platforms, forum etc. You get the idea.

As cryptocurrencies is a relatively niche market, cryptocurrency companies invest heavily into this medium by offering cryptocurrency affiliate programs. Cryptocurrency affiliate programs reward media marketers with altcoins or fiat currency for every successful engagement or transaction made by visitors on the cryptocurrency official website or trading platform.

Here’re 6 broad categories of affiliate network- each specifying the highest paying cryptocurrency affiliate programs that are up and running in the market. In this post, we will focus on Bitcoin as the affiliate marketing opportunities for this cryptocurrency is most abundant, rewarding, tried and worked:

  1. 1 Cryptocurrency trading marketplace / exchanges

    Cryptocurrency Trading illustration

    Similar to an e-commerce concept, and Paxful is a peer to peer cryptocurrency online marketplace for the exchange of Bitcoin and fiat cash between willing buyers and sellers. If you are excited to know where your bargaining skills stand, this is the place for you to put your negotiation skills to test. And the good news is, you get to know who you are dealing with. 

    However, if you are simply not interested to give up your ownership on Bitcoins, do check out Bitbond and Xcoins. Both enable users to borrow or lend to one another using Bitcoin. Bonus point to Xcoins as it accepts other payment methods such as Paypal.

    Next up is Coinbase. Coinbase is a secure online trading platform that not only facilitates the purchase and selling of digital asset but also transferring and storing cryptocurrencies. Coinbase works exactly like the popular Bitfinance.

    Now, have you ever experienced that moment where it is a good time to purchase a coin but we simply have no sufficient cash to leverage on? Coinmama and CEX.IO addresses this disparity and allows users to purchase Bitcoin with credit cards.

    Similar to the two, 247Exchange provides additional features by allowing users to buy and sell Bitcoins via credit card, debit card and wire transfers. If you prefer paypal, BitPanda does just that and other methods throughout Europe. And if you are staying in France and the Europe region, Coinhouse provides the same service but only with credit card. 

    Last but not least, is an online exchange offering trading in bitcoins and Euros. 

    List of affiliate program for the aforementioned platforms + other popular platforms

    revenue share
    affiliate sign up page
    Local Bitcoins
    • 20% Lifetime Revenue Share
    • $10 when your referral buy or sell $100 in 180 days of account opening
    • 30% Lifetime Revenue Share
    • 50% Lifetime Revenue Share
    • 2.50 € bonus on every referral
    • 5% lifetime revenue share
    • 15% lifetime revenue share
    IQ Option
    • 50% lifetime revenue share
    • 50% lifetime revenue share
    • 10% lifetime revenue share
    • 20% lifetime revenue share
    • 2% revenue share
  2. 2 Cryptocurrency hardware wallets

    A man holding Ledger Nano S

    Secure. Compact. Peace of Mind. Where digital assets are your empire, hardware wallet is your best knight.

    Trezor and Ledger are among the best hardware wallet available in the market and they protect your cryptocurrencies by seting up a private key which have to be physically keyed into the device. This means they prevent your cryptocurrencies from getting stolen when your computer under attacked by virus or malware, scams or fake websites. Even in the event that your hardware wallet goes missing or damaged, you can easily restore your wallet by keying in a set of "seed words" which was created when you first setup your device. 

    But wait, there is another wallet that is relatively newer in the industry and has also got the world talking. Keepkey is bigger, more advanced and cheaper than its predecessors.

    List of Hardware wallet affiliate program

    revenue share
    affiliate sign up page
    • 10% commision on each sale
    • 10% commission on each sale
    • $10 on each sale
    Cool Wallet
    • 20% commission on each sale
  3. 3 Ad Network

    Cryptocurrency Ad network HD

    Talking about high level anonymity, the following two affiliate programs score gloriously on both counts. Here's why:

    Advertisers can create anonymous campaign advertisement on Anonymous Ads, also known as A-ads without registration. Cryptocurrency corporates gets a real share of impressions from publishers and pays propotionately to the publishers. Whereas for the publishers, the ads does not leave scripts or cookies on the your website, and you get to enjoy automatic withdrawal.

    CoinURL provides anonymous Bitcoin advertising through the implementation of campaign banner and URL shortening advertisement. As market pricing prevails here, advertisers can set a budget, undergo an auction-like process to get the best pricing and can even choose between simple, non-intrusive banner or cheaper interstitial ads.

    revenue share
    affiliate sign up page
    • 50% revenue share
    • Up to 10% revenue share
    • 50% Lifetime revenue share
    • From 10% per deal
  4. 4 Bitcoin Goods and Merchandises Marketplace

    Bitcoin accepted here hd

    CoinL is an online marketplace which enables individual authors and sellers to sell digital goods such as musics, eBooks and graphics for Bitcoin. Their affiliate program enables your audience to link directly to an item or author page listed on the website, so you determine which item narrow down your marketing target.

    revenue share
    affiliate sign up page
    • 1% revenue share for 90 days
    • 0.001BTC per sign up ( up to 25 per week )
  5. 5 Web Hosting / Domain

    Bitcoin web hosting server HD offers web hosting, VPS, and dedicated server services. One service product that complements BitcoinWebHosting, is the IPVanish. IPVanish which provides VPN services that allow users to connect to the internet in an incognito mode and transfer their data securely even through compromised networks. 

    List of Web Hosting Affiliate Program

    Revenue share
    affiliate sign up page
    Bitcoin Web Hosting
    • Earn up to $100 per Referral
    • Receive $10 Just per sign up
    • 50% on Dedicated Servers
    • 50% on DDoS Protection
    Bitronic Tech
    • 10% Lifetime Revenue Share
    • 25% revenue share on all hosting plans and VPS Servers
    • 5% revenue share on Dedicated Servers
    • 7% revenue share on SSL Digital Certificates
    • $5 per referral

  6. 6 Trading bot software

    Bitcoin and cryptocurrency trading bot software hd

    Do you have limited time to spare on cryptocurrency trading? Are you someone who no longer wants to miss out on another good opportunity to enter or exit trade while you are busy or asleep? Are you looking to minimise the risk of trading in this volatile industry?

    Haasonline is a trading bot software for Bitcoin and other altcoins which allows you to exercise your predictions by allowing you to preset your trade beforehand. Although the bot software should be utilised with care, it does provides better control on your investment strategies outcome.

    List of Trading Bot Software Affiliate Program

    revenue share
    affiliate sign up page
    • 10% per sale
    • 15% per sale
    • Can go up to 40%
    • 15% per sale
  7. 7 Virtual Private Network (VPN)

    VPN virtual private network hd background blue

    • New sign up 100% ( 1 month offer) and 40 % for other plans
    • 30% for future renewal
    • 100% commission off new sales
    • 35% from recurring sales
    • 30% Lifetime Recurring Commission
    • FIrst Month - 100% for monthly plan/ 40% for 3,6,12 month plan
    • 35% recurring
    • Monthly ( 100% new sign up & 35% recurring )
    • Yearly and 6 monthly ( 40% new sign up and 30% recurring )
  8. 8 Cryptocurrency Charting/Tracking Tools

    Cryptocurrency Chart

    Revenue share
    • 20% commission
    • Referred person get 10% discount
    • One off $15 comission
    • 30% commission
  9. 9 Cloud Mining

    Cloud Mining Facilities

    revenue share
    • 10% comission
    CCG Mining
    • 6% commision (cloud mining sales)
    • 3% commision (other products,e.g. mining rig)
    Genesis Mining
    • 2.5% of referred sales, up to 6% as you referred more sales


The above is meant to be a growing list. We will continually update this list as we go. Do note that not all affiliate programs mentioned above offer payout in bitcoin or cryptocurrency. If you have any suggestion, feel free to leave in the comment section below.

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