Savedroid has recently concluded their ICO, raising 50 million ( 40 million euros ) in total. 6 billion tokens were sold through both the ICO and private funding. However,  on 18th of April, the founder of this German-based project has allegedly vanished along with the team. The only thing left on the website is a South Park meme ” AANNND IT’S GONE!”. What is even more bizzare is around the same time, the CEO and founder of Savedroid, Yassin Hankir posted the following status on his twitter account. 

The left picture is a selfie of the founder at the Frankfurt airport while on the right is a picture of him holding a bottle of Egyptian beer brand Stella. 

The investors got even disheartened when they find out that the telegram group of the project is all flooded with bot spam and all the admins of the group seems to have left the group. After so many hours, not a single official response was received from the team.  

YouTube user Theo Goodman has uploaded a video of an empty Savedroid Office but said that he can't really confirm anything. 

However, it is worth noting that, only a few days ago, the CEO Yassin Hankir was seen attending the Crypto Conference C3 that was held in Berlin. The latest activity of the project official twitter account was on 16th of April, a post about recruiting a social media marketing intern. 

Investor Dennis Weidner which is quite close to the founder himself has told Gründerszene, the local news outlet that he is too unsure of what is going on in Savedroid. He added that he could hardly picture an exit scam by Yassin. 

Did the founder run away with the investors' cash? Or is it a hack by the ill-minded? Could it possibly be a PR stunt? The questions remain unanswered. We will follow up closely on the progress of the event and provide an update as soon as more information is available. Stay tuned. 

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