In the history of the internet, new technologies and advanced features coming in here. All of them are accepting and moving along with the technologies. Everything is possible on the internet. Web3 is a hot topic in the new digital world. Industries are using it and implementing the project. For example, the chrome browser is the web2 concept and everything is stored on google, but now the brave browser which is a web3 browser, is used and they won’t store data in the browser.
Web3 overview 
Web3 is referring to the next generation of the web and it connects users with a decentralized network and they have to use their own data in a secure way.
Is Web3 Suitable For The Cryptocurrency Exchange Business 
The main purpose of the web3 application is decentralized.Web3 is the revolution and complement of the digital world. If no one interacts with your activities like transactions and users are like the web 3 platforms. It is merged with everyone and users feel good about using the platform. Decentralized platforms eliminate the centralized authorities and it is more efficient for users to interact with another one and it improves the user experience. Till now, no one tells of any fraudulent activities on this platform.

Web3 is the innovation thing and ability to develop a secure platform, like cryptocurrency exchange, blockchain NFT marketplace, and crypto-wallets. Developing the decentralized platform with the web3 pathway for transacting the crypto assets between the buyer and seller. Therefore,web3 increases your brand, and a wide range of people use your applications. 
Final thoughts 
Moreover, it is highly demanded and suitable for cryptocurrency exchange platforms.Web3 is the best choice for crypto exchange platform development.

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Chris Jonson Answered question March 24, 2023