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Where do I buy bitcoins??

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There are plenty of places where you can purchase bitcoins. It depends on how you want to buy it and how much are you intending to buy. Here the typical steps of how and where you can purchase bitcoins ( skip to the end if you are looking to purchase bitcoin right away )

Step 1 – Create a Wallet / Sign Up An Account 
To own bitcoins, you got to have a place to store it. Most of the exchanges or third party bitcoin trading service comes with their own hot wallet. ( Read also : Bitcoin Wallet for Beginners: Everything You Need to Know.So simply just sign up an account on your preferred exchanges, be it Coinbase, Binance, Kucoin or Bibox. Most of the time you will require your name, email address or password for a successful sign-up.

Step 2 – Payment Method. 
You will be required to connect your payment method before you can make a bitcoin purchase. There are a few options including bank account and debit/credit card. If you are looking to acquire bitcoin instantly, then we would recommend you to purchase via debit or credit card. If you are looking to purchase bitcoins in relatively large quantities, then buying using your bank account is recommended. If you are looking to buy bitcoins via PayPal, you could check out the article below:
How To Buy Bitcoin or Cryptocurrency Using PayPal
( And we assume that you already know how to buy bitcoins if you are trying to trade other cryptocurrencies for bitcoins )

Step 3 – Buy Bitcoins. 
After you have got your account and wallet ready, you can start buying bitcoin. You don’t have to buy one whole bitcoin, you can buy 0.1 bitcoin (btc), 0.5 btc, or even 0.00001 bitcoin, depending on your budget. You might want to check the prices of bitcoin offered at different exchanges to get the best deal as arbitrage might occur. If you happy with the price, then you could then make the purchase. You are advised to store your bitcoin off exchanges ideally ( in a cold wallet ) if you are not actively trading as exchanges are subjected to risk of hacking.

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