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When cardano mainnet?

vikram Answered question August 13, 2018

As of now Cardano 1.2 is out!
The current mainnet has some new features that were previously absent among which are the support for paper wallet creation. There have also been updates around two ADA testnets. First one is named KEVM. It is the first time this feature of the Ethereum Virtual Machine been integrated on to Cardano’s blockchain, hence signaling a better future for the project. This feature enables developers to execute the existing applications on the KVEM. The testnet was launched alongside Cardano 1.2 mainnet.
The other testnet is called IELE. Its launched July and it will serve as Cardano’s native virtual machine. With IELE being launched, developers will be better able to “write, compile and run smart contracts with improved security and performance.”
The next phase of Cardano’s development will be Shelley (In less than a month), a path to the full decentralization of Cardano. The milestones of this phase are listed below.

  • Cardano Improvement Proposals (CIPs) being introduced.
  • A new voting system, after much effort and investments is being build, details of which and how we can be part of it is being released soon.
  • These features will only come into force after Shelley being launched.
vikram Edited answer August 13, 2018
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