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What can I buy with ethereum?

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Comparing to Bitcoins,  Ethereum has a quite limited acceptability at the moment, yet there are plenty of stuff that you can buy with Ethereum. Here’s a list.

  1. Real Estate: You can buy a house using ethereum
  2. Any items on ethereum blockchain: You can purchase any items from the dapps built upon the Ethereum platform
  3. Other Cryptocurrencies. One of the great things that you can buy with ethereum is other cryptocurrencies.
  4. Ether Cards: You can send ethereum to your loved ones or friends as a gift. Check out Ether Cards.
  5. Gift Cards: You can buy gift cards from 250 brands using Ethereum via egifter.
  6. Restaurant: There are multiple restaurants across the world that has started to accept payments in bitcoin as well as ethereum
  7. Initial Coin Offerings: With ethereum, you can participate in most if not all initial coin offerings or token generation events.
  8. Gambling: There are a lot of online casinos that accepts a wide range of cryptocurrencies, one of them being ethereum.

The list above is by no means exhaustive. There are plenty more online merchant and retailers that accept payments in etheruem, be it in the niche  travel and accomodation, art and collectibles, dining and groceries, charities, electronics and mining services, hosting and vpn, shoes and clothing, investments , health and beauty , gaming, ebooks and so forth. A good place to is to visit the coinpayments directory which lists all the merchants accepting cryptocurrencies payments via coinpayments payment gateway.

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