To study MBBS abroad there are several top medical universities in Russia and that is why it is considered one of the most preferred destinations to pursue an MBBS. Russia is a highly developed country and allows students to grab the best opportunities out of the best medical universities in Russia.

WHO-MCI-approved universities in Russia provide valuable medical degrees to students which are valid across the globe and once after obtaining the degree a student can practice medicine as a profession, anywhere in the world. MBBS in Russia is considered one of the most prestigious degrees, worth obtaining. Some of the best universities for MBBS in Russia are mentioned below-

  1. Tver State Medical university
  2. Perm State Medical University 
  3. Kazakh State medical university
  4. Chuvash State Medical university 
  5. Bashkir state medical university

The faculty at the medical universities in Russia is highly qualified and experienced that not only focuses on the theoretical knowledge of the student but also the practical knowledge as well. MBBS study in Russia not only develops the research skills of the medical aspirants but also their practical skills regarding their course.

Also, there are the best exposure opportunities available at the top universities in Russia and students can expect the best packages once after the completion of their medical studies in Russia.

Affinity Education Asked question January 10, 2023