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Putting thoughts into writing in a stylistically correct form presents great difficulties, especially for elementary school children, who are often still in the midst of language acquisition. The children must first become aware of the special characteristics and requirements of the respective essay form. This is usually not so easy with the picture stories that are introduced first. Here, mostly 2nd graders already have to consider or learn a lot of things:

They have to recognize which situations are depicted in the picture.

They have to find a caption that is as meaningful as possible.

They have to keep the same tense throughout the text.

They have to transform their thoughts into complete sentences.

They should use as diverse a vocabulary as possible (adjectives, a wide variety of sentence beginnings, no word repetitions).

They should pay attention to spelling

They should use the correct grammatical forms in each case

You have to invent your own plot. In a picture story, it is not enough to describe the pictures: “There is a tree in the garden. A boy is standing under it and the sun is shining” is not a story about a picture. The children must learn to write texts from this picture. But until the situation described above is turned into a text in the style of: “Today is a beautiful day. The sun is shining and Jan wants to pick apples in the garden”, it is often a long and difficult way for the children.

Later, the grammatical difficulty of literal speech is added. It becomes even more complicated for the children when the structurally more complex forms of description or retelling are introduced in the 3rd school year. Here, additional attention must also be paid to precise structuring, the correct tense, and the use of the right stylistic devices. How get can some help from the outside. Just get yourself familiar with the essay writing market by reading articles like homeworkdoer review.

In order for children to learn how to transform their thoughts into sophisticated texts, they need extensive practice opportunities. We offer you a variety of free worksheets on different essay topics.

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Some common essay writing problems as follows: writing a paragraph without a topic sentence; too specific controlling ideas; difficulty in writing the thesis statement; tendency om deviating from the controlling idea.

Although some students are confident about writing and have enough ideas to write their papers, if they lack language proficiency, they won’t submit an impressive essay. Using the wrong words, misleading language, misplacing words, phrases, and punctuation will result in a poor paper.

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