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Just curious, anyone has an idea of how much does Vitalik Buterin actually worth?

Cryptomaniac Answered question June 26, 2018

In February of 2016, Vitalik responded to a similar question on Reddit, claiming that he hold around 630,000 Ether in total. Later during late april, he said that he had sold off around 25% of his position , meaning he was left with around 472,500 Ether at that point provided he didn’t sell any between the two timepoints. If we again assume that he didn’t sell any of that until now, he would be holding ( 472,500 X $457.75 ) 216.28 million USD in total based upon the price of Ethereum at this point of writing. Rumor also has it that the following two addresses belong to Vitalik.


If you look up the address on etherscan.io , you will noticed that there is still around 365,003 ether in the first address and around 4,981.52 in the second one, which is equivalent to $167,229,901.90 + $2,280,043.91 = $169,509,946.  Not entirely sure about the authenticity of this but well there is one thing that both you and I can be sure of, he sure has tons of money. And also keep in mind that this excludes other investments or assets that Vitalik has made or invested in over the years. A recent article of Forbes estimated him having a net worth of around $400 million-$500 million*

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