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Who is getting the gas for ethereum transactions? Like how do they determine who will get the gas?

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The miner is the one getting the gas and only one miner is collecting fees for each transaction as far as I am concerned. Therefore, if two miners both arrive at a solution simultaneously for the coming block, they are both rewarded. The miner will get the block rewards as well as the gas of the transaction. I believe the process is entirely random as well.
Mining: Mining can be described as competition among miners to generate a block via a valid proof of work. Proof of work assumes the form of solving a complicated mathematical puzzle. The first miner that managed to solve this puzzle is said to have mined a block successfully.
Gas: Gas is defined as the execution fee for every single operation made on ethereum network. Its price is represented in ether and the actual amount is decided by the miners, which have the rights to refuse processing transaction that is lower than a particular gas price.

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