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Can blockchain be used for voting?

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Given that the American mid-term elections are just around the corner, technology has become a focus of attention. Particularly, everyone is talking about its role in how citizens learn about candidates and vote and how secure our voting systems. Further talk is also being done in how technology can help make them more secure. With the explosion of bitcoin price last year, there is no doubt the blockchain technology (mostly known for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies known as altcoins)   is certainly among the most talked-about technologies at the moment.

Bettina Warburg in her 2016 TED talk (now most viewed TED talk about blockchain) opined how even though it is something that is relatively new, it is actually a continuation of the human story through the generations.

She quoted the Nobel prize economist Douglass North and stated that with the ever growing and increasingly complex societies that we live in today, our trade routes, institutions financial and non-financial are also growing at the same rate.

And using the blockchain technology to modernize voting, we will be able to  make sure that those that are voting are really who they say they are and are also legally of age to vote. Furthermore, using the blockchain technology, it is likely that anyone who understands the functions of a cell phone is likely to understand at least the technology required for voting.

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