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Are ethereum faucets legit?

Arthur “Heidi W. Richey” C. Johnson Answered question June 8, 2023

Ethereum faucets are kinda like a method of owning ethereum other than purchasing through an exhange or mining them. Faucets works by rewarding users with free Ethereum for viewing ads and completing captchas on their websites/apps. The sites then use some of the ad revenue that it receives to pay the users, which is you (if you want to collect ethereum using this method).
Though ethereum faucets may be legit, the bigger question should be whether it is worth your effort given that the amount you receive is very little. I myself have not tried to collect ethereum using faucets, but some people that have tried said on Reddit etc. that the ethereum you receive is too little to justify the amount of effort you put in to collect them. However, if you are able to design or code an automatic script/bot to collect the faucets without minimal human touch, you may be able to reap some profit though it is still unsure whether you can do this at a rate that is economical and profitable.

Lakshan Sanjana Edited answer August 14, 2018
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