As the technological landscape is taking shape, a diverse range of opportunities is unfolding for consumers. Albeit there were some prominent “nay-sayers” and skepticism initially, but the adoption of cryptocurrency has proliferated since its inception, presenting opportunities as a useful medium of exchange for companies and consumers. While the use of commercial paper money is here to stay, the future of crypto wallets is drawing near as digital payments are growing more than ever. In light of this, the emergence of cryptowallet in housing cryptocurrency has a great deal of potential to radically change the way we make payments. Cryptowallets is a digital secure wallet that houses and stores all blockchain assets. Essentially, it is a software program that allows consumers to receive or monitor cryptocurrency. While the concept of this may be new to some people, the digital exchange of currency cryptowallets is seamless and convenient for people, especially if they are new to digital currency. As such, the OWNR Wallet is an application that allows you to house and store all your blockchain assets. To this end, the OWNR WALLET OÜ has made big strides on this platform with the development of the OWNR Wallet. The OWNR Wallet was designed and created in 2018 by cryptocurrency advocates digital payments, due to its greater convenience. OWNR Wallet is a multifunctional, safe crypto wallet designed to streamline consumers’ cryptocurrency experience. With the use of this app, all your transactional needs from buying to selling, to storing and exchanging crypto, are met in one single app.

Recently in December, OWNR has been making strides as users of their interface will be able to obtain a prepared Visa card. This new feature will enable the ease of transactions to be made at the convenience of its users giving them the option to make purchases offline when they don’t have access to the internet. Moreover, this opens up other avenues of accessing money as it allows the withdrawal of euros from ATM machines worldwide. The technical aspects of this technology are straightforward. With the use of the OWNR Wallet, the Visa card is paired and linked to the application, providing real time information and round-the-clock access to your assets. At the comfort of your home, users can replenish the visa card almost instantaneously. Strikingly, the advantageous feature of this application lies in its ability to be utilised alongside ApplePay, the dominant digital wallet service for iPhone users. The process of applying for this card is quick and simple as it only takes a matter of minutes. After filling out a short questionnaire you will be prompted to take a short video of yourself for verification purposes. Once the verification is completed, the card will be delivered to your doorstep (or any location of your preference) for free. OWNR goes above and beyond its shores in delivering this card to almost all countries globally, at a price point of 40 euros for the card and a service fee of only 1 euro a month.

Besides this, there are also other fruitful benefits to ascribing to this application. Aside from the salient feature stated above, the OWNR has undergone a major revamp and has launched its own built-in crypto-to-crypto exchange. Prior to this, the assets available to users were limited as served as its playground for cryptocurrency exchange. But after its update, OWNR has shifted away from this model and is using their own in-house crypto-to-crypto exchange software that was built ground up from their developers. By following this trajectory, it opens up more cryptocurrency assets to be availed to its users such as BTC, USDT, DASH, ZEC, LTC and so on. This new update is available in both desktop and mobile apps.

Lastly, it has been an exceptionally volatile year due to the unprecedented uncertainty created by the ongoing corona pandemic. As such, December saw a major decrease in the purchasing fee of cryptocurrency. To be specific, the rates are now as low as 4%+3 USD for any countries that OWNR offers its services to. This is much cheaper than the purchasing fee from before, which stood at 7%+10 USD. To add to this, Bitfinex customers using OWNR Wallet to purchase crypto with a credit or debit card, enjoy a further reduced rate from 5% to 3%. As the effects of the pandemic are slowly resetting the payment ecosystem, the cashless revolution is paving the way for OWNR Wallet. In light of this situation, it would be propitious for consumers to use OWNR’s cryptowallet as we slowly move towards a cashless society with the frictionless exchange.

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