Using blockchain and hunting, MetaShooter is able to combine two multi-billion-dollar industries.

The following perks are available to hunting enthusiasts who want to join the community:

  • Win awards, complete trophy collections, or participate in other hunting-related expenditures to earn token rewards.
  • The game offers real hunting as players compete in tournaments while utilizing the platform’s VR capabilities.
  • Build up your holdings by constructing castles, purchasing hunting grounds, generating passive income, and breeding NFT dogs.
  • They may also enhance and customize themselves by improving their hunting equipment. You may use the many hunting gear at your disposal to boost your abilities and become a more accomplished hunter. You may use rifles, bows and arrows, handguns, shotguns, and machetes for hunting.
  • On the platform, users will encounter a variety of settings, authentic dynamics, and breathtaking visuals.

These are designed to give users a memorable experience during their hunting expedition.

The team said its objective in this way: “One of our objectives is to develop a game that connects the worlds of crypto and non-crypto. “We’re looking to modernize the hunting sector, which is a huge but niche industry in the same way.”

MetaShooter combines the capabilities of two multi-billion dollar markets to help you reach this objective: blockchain technology and hunting.

Equipment Marketplace

The Pack is an online marketplace where you can design your own weapons for better accuracy or locate uncommon firearms such as the F44 Champion, FS Ultra Zoom Scope, Stock, or 25*39 Long Range.

Users are free to personalize their hunting experience to match your unique requirements. You may also sell, melt, or forge your NFTs if you like.

Hunting Partners

The team understands the importance of collaboration for a successful hunting trip. It allows hunters to improve their skills with NFT dogs that have unique hunting talents and senses, allowing you to spot your trophies quickly. The goal is to assist customers in improving their hunting abilities and increasing their chances of success dramatically.

Build and improve towers that will make you undetectable while also increasing your visibility and shooting rage to enhance your hunting abilities. If you won’t need hunting towers on a regular basis, you can always sell them or lease them out to other hunters who might use them.

You’ll also have all of the equipment you need to spot animals without alerting them, which will significantly enhance your productivity and success rates.

The hunters’ allies provide them with more weapons and bait to outsmart their prey and dispatch it swiftly.

NFT dogs may be bred, and their sale to eager hunters may result in revenue. The proceeds from the sale of NFT dogs will help you augment your hunting earnings.

Hunters aren’t limited to a single hunting spot. They’re free to go anywhere and see beautiful sights and environments on the MetaShooter planet, which is why they’re called explorers. Purchase NFT lands to begin your hunting expedition while earning money at the same time.


Hunters are in luck. MetaShooter is a blockchain-based hunting game that offers the best of both worlds: real life and virtual reality. Features include building your own weapons, customization options, breeding NFTs for passive income, finding new hunting grounds with other hunters, exploring beautiful environments on the planet (you’re not limited to one spot), boosting your skills by using towers or equipment marketplace items and earning trophies which you can trade up for rewards tokens.

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