When people initiate a conversation about cryptocurrencies, they often start with the famous Bitcoin. The truth is, as the crypto market gets increasingly developed, there are more and more interesting and intriguing crypto project out there. This article is dedicated to discuss an exciting crypto project known as Nxt.

Founded in the year of 2013, Nxt project employs blockchain technology to establish a decentralized ecosystem. Unlike majority of the altcoin available on the market out there, NXT is not a product of modification from the original Bitcoin code. Instead, it is actually written in Java from scratch by the developers, which is extremely impressive. On top of that, Some people refer NXT as the OG (Original Content ) of the crypto world. Everything in this world happened for a reason, as for NXT, the reason why this project is created in the first place is due to the fact that its developers wish to experiment with new blockchain technology can increase the amount of things people are able to do on blockchain network.

So what exactly is so unique about NXT anyway? Being known as the Blockchain 2.0, not only that it can house multiple applications include but not limited to keeping a public ledger of transactions , it represents the natural evolution of the original blockchain technology employed by Bitcoin. NXT had a vision to build decentralized applications directly into the blockchain. In fact, members in the crypto community often compared NXT to Ethereum due to the fact that it is the first ever blockchain project that employed a proof-of-stake consensus protocol. The true meaning behind this protocol is that there is no need for highly energy demanding mining process for the token to be created. On top of that, what sets NXT apart from other similar blockchain project is that it has a more restrictive components and APIs in creating blockchain applications, making it more secure from malicious hackers as well as buggy codes.

To know what Nxt really is and what can it really achieves, we have provided the original unedited PDF of Nxt (NXT) Whitepaper for our readers to digest and understand the details of it.

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