Most of the cryptocurrencies available today are operate on a transparent blockchains which means that all the transactions can be trace and verified by any individual in the world. In addition, an individual’s real-life identity might be exposed by linking the sending and receiving address for the transaction to the person who is behind them. Bitcoin and Ethereum are two great examples which utilised a transparent blockchain. Monero on the other hand is a private, secure and virtually untraceable cryptocurrency system. To achieve this level of privacy, Monero utilises a unique kind of cryptograph protect all the transactions from tracing and linking. The privacy oriented feature of Monero makes it a extremely popular choice among users who values privacy in this increasingly transparent world.


So what makes Monero possessed such level of confidentiality? By default, all Monero transactions obfuscate and disguising the sending / receiving address as well as the transaction amount, making the act of tracing recipient/sender virtually impossible. Unlike other selectively transparent crypto-coin such as Z-cash, the always-on privacy features of Monero means that the activities of one Monero user will enhance the privacy of all the other users. Along with the anonymity, the mining of Monero was established on the concept of egalitarian, a believe or principle that suggest all people are equal and deserve equal rights and opportunities. A mining process where the miners are rewarded for their activities by joining mining pools is supported by Monero. Alternatively, Monero can be mined individually. Another advantage of mining Monero is that the mining activities can be performed using a standard computer without the involvement of specific hardware. A well known example for this kind of specific hardware is the application-specific integrated circuit which can be abbreviated as ASICs. Furthermore, Monero is also supported on Windows, MacOS, Linux, FreeBSD and Android, which is basically all leading OS platforms.


To gain a deeper understanding on Monero, the PDF of Monero Whitepaper is included below for reading and downloading purpose.

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