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An essay is a creative work, the author of which can be anyone. We will tell you how to write an essay and not to make typical mistakes. In this article, you will find all the necessary information about the peculiarities of the genre, as well as useful tips for beginners.


What is an essay?

So what is an essay as a genre? The word itself, having a Latin origin, came into the Russian language from French. Literally, “essay” translates as an attempt, an experience, an outline.


An essay is a short prose story in which the author expresses his impressions, thoughts or reflections. To write a short story properly, you need to learn about its genre characteristics.


Features of the genre:

Free composition, casualness of narration.

The theme is one and it is defined concretely, but the problem within it is revealed in detail.

One can feel the author’s position, subjective assessment.

Thoughts and feelings come to the fore.

The style of the text is conversational. The essence of terms is not disclosed, there are no long formulations.

Relatively small volume, (there are no specific standards for the number of pages).

Those who want to know how to write a story correctly, it is necessary to take into account that many people confuse an essay with an essay. But these are different genres. An essay does not involve the expression of the author’s position and requires neutrality. An essay, on the contrary, based on the author’s impressions, should surprise readers with paradoxes, frankness, vivid imagery.


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Essay structure, writing style.

Despite the fact that it is a free genre, it has several requirements and a certain structure. When choosing an legitimate essay writing service , pay attention to the samples of their work and writing styles. Writers who know everything about how to write short stories advise to listen to the following theses, regardless of the chosen topic.


The form of presentation is a concise thesis statement, followed by arguments.

The word “arguments” sounds serious, but by it we mean the usual elements for the story – examples from life, personal experience, opinions of scientists, historical or scientific facts. The optimal number of such proofs is two. One is not enough to convince, and three can be “overpowering.

The plan of the essay looks like this:Introductory part.

The task of the introduction is to give an emotional mood, to involve in the reading, to interest. For this purpose, rhetorical questions, quotations, a clear formulation of the topic are used.


The main part.



Thesis+arguments, etc.


It is welcomed, if the author touches upon the history of the question, giving different (sometimes opposite) points of view on the problem.



This is, in fact, the conclusion of all of the above. Final sentences are valuable because they add integrity to the work. Their function is to prompt the reader to think, to make the work memorable. Sometimes it seems that the closing lines are what made the story worth writing.


The style of the text can be emotional, contrasting, artistic – the author chooses the tone himself.


Useful tips for writing an essay.

The text should read easily. This can be achieved by alternating short and long sentences, as well as by using punctuation marks (dashes, colons) instead of conjunctions.

Do not abuse difficult words, slang, narrow-group vocabulary.

Avoid clichés, clichéd phrases, empty expressions. They “take away” from the author’s personality.

Do not forget the humor and irony, but do not abuse them.

Stick to the chosen topic, be consistent in its disclosure. Don’t deviate from the main idea.

Dilute the story with memories, impressions, and stories from your own life experience.

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