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GMGC & Chain Plus · Blockchain Digital Game Innovation Summit Completed Successfully

On Jun 17th , “GMGC & Chain Plus · Blockchain Digital Game Innovation Summit 2019”has ended with a bang.At this industry-leading forum Chain Plus, William Zhu, founding...

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Australia is suffering from increased crypto tax evasion cases

Reports have been coming in from Australia, saying that quite a lot of cases were cited of tax evasion throughout the year of 2018,...

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UNIC Partners with R3 on Corda Blockchain Platform

The Institute For the Future (IFF)at the University of Nicosia has joined R3’s collaborative initiative to develop innovative applications and solutions on its Corda...

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Offshore Exchange License Issuer ‘SPEZA’ was at the World Blockchain Summit in Malaysia.

The summit in Kuala Lumpur saw the global exchange accelerator take the stage to showcase their revolutionary concept to the attending delegates. 16 March 2019,...

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