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I so want to give You such pleasure – to come together with You, our minds melding, and creating a marvelous erotic spark that sends me to another place. A place where I am only with You; surrounded by Your essence. Your presence allows me to just release all that I am and be only what You wish me to be – to be completely at Your service… to be used by You in whatever manner You would desire. Wow… just thinking about giving myself to You is so very arousing – I sit here right now fully aroused as I dream of being there with You my senses bombarded by the very essence of You!


Oh, to be lying there with Your wonderful body hovering above me… realizing my fantasy… feeling Your body begin to press down upon me, and Your moist juicy flesh covering my face. The pure delicate scent of Your body filling my senses takes my breath away – providing even more fuel to the burning fires of my passion. Yes, my glorious Mistress – You are my passion, my desires, my fantasy!


As I am filled with such glorious thoughts of only You… Your powerful essence seems to cloak my very being on the best escort site 2022. I cannot help but become totally lost in You (maybe not lost but to be literal – found).  This position – lying beneath You totally in Your control provides me with a liberating sense of freedom – I am truly my sub missive self here with You! Your body surrounds me; Your marvelously sweet sex pressing upon my face – my head between Your legs… my lips and tongue greedily seeking to taste Your sweet flowing nectar, as Your burning passion lights a fire deep within my loins… My manhood is swollen to its limits. I fear, and I feel as if I’m about to explode, while my mouth ravishes Your sweet pussy…


As my lips kiss the soft juicy pink lips of Your hot wet pussy… oh so very warm and moist, the taste is indescribable as my tongue plunges deep into You… seeking to reach the very depths of Your passion. My mouth continues to kiss and lick Your sweet flowing juices, my hands reach out and tenderly caress and stroke the silky-smooth skin of Your fleshy thighs as they gently squeeze down on the sides of my head. I feel totally at ease here, seemingly captured by the strength of Your body, and just filled with a heaven sent joy – that I am where I am meant to be.


My lips then find that wonderful organ of pleasure and I begin to gently suck at Your now erect clitoris… my tongue tenderly licking… then changing up and flicking rapidly across the very tip of Your swollen clit. I could stay here indefinitely, wanting to extend this time of service if possible. When I hear You gasp in pleasure and Your moan deepens as Your orgasm begins to build, I can feel Your body tensing and I sense a slight trembling. I know the waves of pleasure will soon overtake You and I am filled with such tremendous satisfaction.


As Your body stiffens and begins to rock faster, my tongue plunges in and out of Your wetness with the rhythm of Your thrusting hips. My need for Your release reaching a feverish pitch. Suddenly You cum! Your sweet juices release into my waiting mouth, and You let out a deep cascading erotic moan that heightens the sensuality of the moment, and lifts us up to another level of reality. A reality where only You and I exist, surfing the ultimate waves of our desires and fulfilling Our every fantasy. The sweet taste of You excites me while You are still enthralled in Your orgasm. You press Yourself even tighter upon me and I feel at One with You in this moment of ultimate bliss.


Mistress, to be there with You, smothered by Your luscious body, feeling the pleasure overtake You, releasing above me, for me… and that thought makes me smile.


Your devoted pet,




My pet,


While I adore your playful, obedient submission, I am in need of a more primal animal at the moment… perhaps a wolf?




So, object of my wanton desires,


I enter the room and see You standing there, my body fills with desire, and an urgency to have You. Being the beast that I am, I walk up to You, and smile.


I reach up and take Your head in my hands, kiss Your lips lightly, remain there a bit longer; our kiss becoming more urgent and passionate. The need to ravish You overcomes my senses for a moment. I force You back against the wall, hold Your arms up over Your head, my body pressing You tight against the wall. I rip off Your blouse, exposing Your lovely breasts as You gasp in fear and excitement. My head bends down to kiss Your nipples, biting lightly, then hard, needing to hear Your moan. I move upward, kissing Your beautiful neck until I find Your soft sensual lips once again, and my lips close upon Yours, my thumb forcing Your mouth open as my tongue darts inside.


I shift around, holding both of Your hands up above Your head in my large one, stepping back to view the beauty of Your flesh and the quiet fear in Your eyes. My other hand caresses Your breasts, tweaking the nipples, pinching hard, then soothing with a rub of my thumb. Your body responds to my harsh treatment. I can smell Your arousal, and my head bends down, my lips encircling Your lovely erect nipple, and I suckle deeply upon it, my mouth filled with the delicious taste of Your skin.


This stirs me immensely and I suck deeper still, yet I tremble when I hear You moan loudly. My cock grows hard and thick with need as my body is filled with Your scent and pure animal lust, I reach down and rip off Your skirt and panties. I swallow Your gasp with my mouth as my cock slams deep inside of Your pussy. I am not surprised by how wet You are; I knew the sexual excitement would outweigh Your fears. You lock Your legs around me and my cock slides so deep and so hard into Your open, inviting pussy. My need for You is so very high, and You are so very beautiful, I imagine sinking my teeth into Your soft flesh to mark You as mine!


My body presses against Your soft curves, my cock continues slamming in and out of Your now soaking cunt. I release Your arms and lift Your ass, as I press You tightly against the wall. We fuck deep and hard, the need, the urgency, rises. Oh, how Your whimpers excite me!


We are filled with a deep-seated need to give each other our full bodies, minds and souls; my cock plunging in and out of Your wet pussy; deeper with each thrust, my hands tightly grasping the cheeks of Your ass as I anchor You against the wall. Your arms wrapping around my shoulders, holding onto me as Your entire body begins to convulse; we fuck with a dark passion, ignoring the world around us. My head lifts up and we kiss, I taste Your flesh upon my lips as we meld together.


Our pleasures continue to rise; You moan deeply and hold onto me tighter, Your nails digging deeper into my flesh, drawing blood, as my cock plunges deeper and harder inside You. I feel the tingle of excitement as my orgasm approaches and our need rises higher and higher. My head bends down to bite once again on Your nipple, a deep pull of pain, and I hear Your cry. It spurs me deeper into the dark recesses of my passions and I want to take You to a place You have never experienced.


But the pleasurable sensation is too much, the blissful rush of orgasm seizes our bodies, my body spasms and my cock plunges once again, trying desperately to prolong the feeling. It is embedded deep within Your very soul as Your body responds with a quivering shiver. Your orgasm descends upon Your body; Your nails dig deep into my flesh and Your teeth sink into my neck as Your warm pussy contracts around my shaft. Wave after wave of pure pleasure crashes over us as our bodies rock in unison as we slowly sink to the floor. Such an explosive orgasm! More powerful than anything I have ever felt lifts our very souls to new heights, flying above and beyond all reality.


We remain locked in that tight embrace, our bodies quaking and quivering; our pleasure cascading throughout our forms in a pounding of pure sexual delight. We have landed upon a new level, a blissful nirvana. I look into Your beautiful eyes, their glowing light shining upon me, arousing me once again. We kiss, a loving, passionate kiss, which connects our souls together in love and desire. We remain there, unable to move… or think… or speak… but we are content. You alone can tame the beast within my soul.


I am Yours,




Oh, my pet!


Your words evoke a long buried fantasy. To be taken with such passionate need, my body used with such desirable intensity, would be a dream come true! How I long for Your touch, your kiss, my sexy submissive! I do want to sink my teeth into your flesh, to mark you as MINE. Oh, God, your words set me on fire!




Do you mean it, Mistress?


Beautiful and so very desirable Mistress, please claim me as Yours, I beg of You! Your words have me sitting here so very hard, my cock barely restrained beneath the bag…


Yes, my love, my beautiful, sweet lady, You evoke these desires and needs from deep within my soul. How I would love to feel Your teeth biting down on my flesh in the heat of passion, claiming me. I am sure Your wishes will be etched upon my mind all day, and be the cause of my cock uncomfortably hard within my pants and nothing to do about it.


Yours if You so desire,




MY Harold,


If you have such an issue with pants, then I shall not bother with panties. (The better to touch myself when I think of you).


Oh, Mistress truly!


Your words just sent a delightful quiver through my body…


Envisioning You touching Yourself while thinking of me has me growing even harder here at my desk, wishing I could touch myself with that lovely vision… a delightful inspiration!


Reaching across the miles to lightly caress Your cheek, and gently kiss Your soft sensual lips!!!


All my Love, for You have claimed me!


Ah, lover MINE,


You know how your kiss enflames me! Kiss me, touch me; brand me with your desire!


Oh Mistress,


Your words excite me, inflame me. The thought of You makes my body stiff and trembling with anticipation and desire. Heat flows through my flesh, igniting passions and desires that have lain dormant for too long; my cock grows hard at the thought of You, my love!


To hold You tightly in my arms, feel Your soft curves meld with my body, Your lips find mine and they join in a long passionate kiss. Your embrace feels so comfortable; as if we have been holding each other for centuries. You fit so nicely against me, our bodies entwine and our minds meld… we become one!


…and I cannot describe how much I enjoy our connection; the openness, and delightful sensuality. The way we seem to be able to touch each other with our words…


Mmmmmm, my, my! I seem to be growing hard as I think of You and connect with You here, amazing!!!


Anyway, my mind drifts to a lovely place where we can escape, holding You tightly in my arms, feeling the delightful curves of Your body pressing against mine, our lips touch, lightly, I so enjoy the taste of You…


The thought of You with me, whether You are on top, or me feeling the need to take You, You bring out such an urgency to my passion, needing to have You grows




My magnificent lover!


Your words stir a longing within my breast; of desire, of course, but also of longing. I wonder how it would be to simply stare across an intimate table for two, looking deeply into your eyes; or a casual walk down the street, holding hands; or snuggled close on a sofa, my ear hearing the steady beat of your heart, my hand feeling the warmth of your body next to mine. Ah, the romantic fantasies that flit thru my mind on a sultry summer afternoon.




Most beautiful Mistress,


…and Your words play like soft music to my ears, the feeling of Your body leaning lazily against mine, knowing that our hearts would surely be beating as one.


As I sit there holding You, feeling the intimate touch of Your hand as it lightly touches mine, causes my heart to beat a bit faster, and my body to quiver. Sitting there I wonder if You feel it, too as I turn to look at You our eyes meet and lock… You smile a slightly mischievous smile…


…and I lean over and lightly kiss Your soft and sensual lips, Mmmmmm, You taste so delicious!!!


I lift You up and pull You onto my lap, Mmmmmm, it feels so good having You there, as my cock begins to stiffen. We kiss again, but with much more passion and urgency… and You wiggle to a comfortable spot there…




Dreaming of You, Love!!!!


My loving slave,


Oh, yes I feel your passion rise! Soft kisses begin to turn a carnal edge as my fingers thread thru your hair and I wiggle yet again, pressing my aching breasts to your chest as your lips wander across my cheek, down to the erratic pulse at my throat…


Oh, Mistress!


Mmmmmm! I bite that luscious spot there, causing You to moan, as my hands fondle Your glorious breasts, I can feel Your nipples grow erect and my cock grows in unison.


I want You to take me, my lovely Mistress, I surrender to You and I am totally Yours for Your pleasure! I am sitting here at my desk, hard as a rock, dreaming of You here on top of me!!!!


Such thoughts, pet!


And I would take you right there. The thrill of being caught spurring us on to even greater orgasms. Tell me love, does your chair rock back? 😉


Love, I do truly enjoy how You make me feel, You certainly can arouse my desires!!!


I believe as of right now I am so very much on edge, that I shall need to seek some quiet alone time this evening; just dreaming and seeking a powerful release, as Your lovely presence fills my mind with quite wonderfully erotic and sensual thoughts!


I am Yours, my love.


My sexy submissive,


A strong, powerful hug, accompanied by an intense passionate kiss…


I can almost feel your intensity, Harold! And I want you to think of me, desire me; and let me be your focus as you release your mind and body to the pleasure we create with our words.


I shall be with you… kissing your lips, licking your cock and probing that virgin ass.


Oh, my sweet Lady…


I feel Your intensity as well, and Your desire to feel me release; to just let go of all the mental clutter floating around within my mind and just be…


In that moment with You, just the two of us encompassed by the bliss filling our cerebral connection. I look forward to that release, with You, for You, and about You!!!




Oh yes my sweet Harold!


One day, in hopes it will be my pleasure. Moist tongue, slick fingers, wet mouth.


Your Mistress


My Mistress!


It is always such a pleasure to connect with You, and just feel. So as I sit here today and I think about our connection, and writing to You – my thoughts… my thoughts of You so very exciting and erotic. What can I say? You’ve captured my very heart – I can feel myself being pulled toward You. I imagine myself just opening freely for You – Exposing my very being to Your whimsy… needing to feel Your words, and with Your words my mind begins to envision the awesome physicality of You – Your lips, Your mouth, Your teeth on my flesh! I sit here becoming aroused – throbbing at the thought of Your touch… What I wouldn’t give for the release I would find with You – what excitement, what emotions, what ecstasy… these feelings course through my body – leading me toward You – my spirit soars across the miles that separate us, hoping to come together with Yours in mid-flight. My mind opens with such wonderful thoughts… desires… fantasies…


I am Yours!!!!


Ahhh my handsome pet!


I would meet you in the clouds in the sky, the beauty of the ocean’s waves, the sweetness of a flower garden, or the vastness of the desert sands. Our words mingle as our bodies entwine, I feel the hardness of your body; my heart races as I reach up to touch your lips with a gentle finger.


Ah Harold! I want you so. I want to feel your hardness against my softness. I want to touch your chest, your back, your ass and your cock. But most of all I want your kiss.




I’m disappointed Harold.


I can tell by the absence of your letters that you have become distracted and have lost focus, pet.  Do you think I would accept less than your complete devotion? You play with your words on those sex sites – games with women. YOU ARE MINE. You require a firmer rein. I have allowed the lines to become blurred between who is the owner and who is my own personal fuck toy. Order will be regained and discipline will be required.




My Mistress,


My mind just felt like jelly today.


I wanted You to know I was thinking about You, and dreaming about being with You, feeling You, and just connecting with You!


Mmmmmm, and so I wrap my arms around Your lovely body pulling You close. Feeling Your soft sensual curves pressing against me, igniting passions, and arousing primal needs and desires!!!


Come to me, love….


Oh, my sensuous pet,


I will allow you to pull me close, but only for a moment, to feel how exquisitely we will fit together.


But oh no, Harold, you will be made to wait now. You played with what is MINE without permission and made me wait. Rather than seeking your mistress to ease your pain.


Now it’s your turn to wait, while your mistress plays… with you… and you may not cum until further notice, but you must read this twice a day and once at night… for discipline.


“I dreamt of You owning me last night – I arch at your touch, my ass pushing up invitingly. I want my lover to enjoy his fuck toy so I purr like a cat as your hands glide ever so slowly across my skin. I shiver at your touch, the sensation streaking to cream my pussy. The simplest of caresses brings me a wealth of sensation. I can hardly keep still as you continue your exploration of my body. The tingles start wherever you glide and I know it won’t be long until your fingers find my clit. I won’t be able to stop the orgasming when that happens. I’m too far gone. My lover feels my body tense and my panting becomes more pronounced the closer those magic fingers circle toward my dripping pussy. Almost there….


The anticipation is unbearable as you lean in and whisper, “MINE”. You twist my clit between your fingers and the pleasure/pain sends me over the edge. I scream then scream again as you plunge into me, your hard cock hitting my g spot and sending me into spasms once again. “MINE” you growl as you take your fill and I am dizzy with the intensity you demand. I build again, almost whimpering, because I know what’s about to happen. Higher and higher we fly as you fuck me, my body tensing, ready to cum once again. As you rear back I feel your ball sac tighten against my ass then you plunge into me once again and shove your middle finger into my ass as I twist my clit. I hear you shout as my orgasm rushes over me and I smile as the blackness envelopes me.”




My most erotic fantasy!


Wow… I can’t even begin to describe the feelings that Your words created within my body. To say I am aroused reading of Your intimate pleasure and how Your dream of me aroused Your passions would be a gross understatement. It is with extreme pleasure that I received Your message… I must be truthful and tell You that I was beginning to be concerned that as punishment for my transgression, I might not have the joy of reading Your erotic prose, which so inspires such delicious feelings within my body! But instead, the words that I am addicted to are my very punishment.


I was beginning to think I might have to beg even harder for Your forgiveness, because I truly love Your words!


Anyway, as I sit here right now fully aroused – I wish I could just simply pleasure myself relieving me of this intense arousal reading Your words has so ably given me.


I want to tell You that knowing You are present in my life is an anchor to my otherwise hectic, and seeming to be spiraling out of control, life. The pressures here at work; There is little time to relax other than the time I am able to stop and think and breathe; when I am able to allow my mind to escape to lovely thoughts of You. The relaxation does come to me in those precious times. I have come to so appreciate these brief interludes… wishing they could be longer. You do inspire me… arouse me… yet somehow, You calm me as well.


I find that breathing is an important aspect of my thoughts about You… I conjure up visions of Your sensual curves and awesome beauty – my fantasies climb as I “feel” You touching me… and it may be a contradiction, but it seems that gradually my breathing does become much more relaxed… and much more pleasurable and focused… You become my center – my focus…. And it is… it is so wonderful!


I accept my punishment, Mistress, and sentence myself to my own scandalous thoughts.


You read my mind, pet.


My fantasy for you is only half your punishment. You must now put down your dirtiest feelings about your desires for me. Again, you may not cum, but you must stroke yourself. Yes, I want you to edge for me. You must tell me all the thoughts that enter your head as you continue to read and reread my prose and fill it with your own torrid desires down on paper for me.


What can I say, finding some alone time to just lay back and dream, to think, to imagine…. My mind begins its flight toward You…


When I receive Your sweet and so very sensual messages, it allows me to release my mind to find You in our cerebral world where we connect with each other… touch each other… make love to each other.


Mmmmm, and when I can think of You as my beautiful Mistress, Mistress… Oh, You know typing that phrase just sends a nice lovely shiver through my body. Just knowing You are there and having these lovely feelings for me is such a joy, and at times a respite, where I can escape and just be myself. I sometimes wonder what I possibly could have done to have deserved finding You, but I am indeed completely astounded that I have.


I have to say that it is Your words that have such an effect upon me, it’s easy for me to realize how very addictive You are… and spending time connecting to You on this special emotional plane, is when I can express my feelings to You, as I do, and as I sit here I wonder how You feel, if there is anything that You would like me to write; I would love to experience things with You cerebrally that You need and want… Instruct me, Mistress and I shall surely try to fulfill Your request!


I do want to know You totally and intimately, and what better way than to understand, than to find out what must go through Your thoughts as Your day unwinds. It does seem that You do have a great deal on Your plate, being completely buried here each day, myself. I do understand just how busy and probably hectic Your daily schedule probably is, but I look forward to anything that might help me to know You better. It does seem that we do have very full and busy lives and it is so wonderful to know that You would carve a little of Your time out for me. I can only say that during my hectic days, the time I am able to just sit and think of You; making this wonderful connection is the most fulfilling time for me at least on a personal level.


How can I say this, but to tell You that even now as I sit here typing this message, and not even saying anything of a sexual nature, I am still completely aroused and I don’t know how we have developed this remarkable connection? It surely points me to the idea that our joining is deep and long lasting, no doubt from ages gone by. This connection may even transcend mere space and time!


As I lay back, and simply breathe, I find myself once again hard, and having this quiet time that I can devote to You, the dreams and glorious fantasies come to me, creating within me the need to reach down into my pants… feeling the warm hardness that You inspire, thrills me!


It is in those moments that my fantasies begin to erupt and my dreams surface, and when I begin to fantasize about being with You… on my knees worshipping You… wanting to serve You… being submissive to You… it excited me so much… the thoughts going through my mind. So, thinking about it and You… I wanted to share the following fantasy that exploded within my mind, in so many vivid and sensual colors… truly beautiful… I hope You enjoy it:


I can only say that I can think of nothing better than to be in Your arms… Holding You close, and as my fingertips run tenderly down Your beautiful face… My hand comes to rest at Your chin. I lift Your chin and gaze into Your beautiful sultry eyes – You smile and I place a soft kiss lightly upon Your lips. My tongue slipping between Your slightly parted lips, and I taste You. You are delicious!


Your arms wrap around my shoulders as I pull You close in a tender and loving embrace; my hands caressing the length of Your back then settling at Your waist. I gently pull You tighter against my body. I am sure You can feel the extent of my arousal as our bodies press against each other. I feel Your lush breasts flattening out against my chest. Your erect nipples poking into my chest, evidence of Your arousal.


Our fevered kisses continue… the taste of Your sweet mouth igniting my passion… it feels as if we are raising the temperature in the room. My hands begin to explore Your firm body, searching for the sensitive spots that will ignite Your passion. My Hands reach inside of Your blouse, fingers skimming the smoothness of Your breasts. As Your erect nipples encounter the flat of my palms… my cock jumps in appreciation.


I lift You in my arms, our mouths still locked in a passionate kiss, and walk with You to the bedroom. I gently lay You down on the bed and begin to slowly undress You. My eyes feasting on the beauty I find in every seductive curve of Your marvelous body. My trousers are bulging as my hands begin to caress Your smooth flesh, my fingertips exploring… my hands caressing… I marvel at my reaction to Your beautiful body.


As my fingers brush Your inviting and so very tempting mound, I am amazed at how wet You are. I cannot stop the urge to taste, and immediately my mouth goes down on You… kissing the swollen lips of Your inviting sex, I taste Your delicious nectar. The flavor of Your arousal is so wonderfully delicious… It is truly the nectar of the gods and I can’t get enough of it, as my tongue plunges deep inside of Your warm and dripping treasure.


Your taste excites me and I can’t hold my passion any longer. I rip off my trousers to free my throbbing manhood, and my tongue begins to play gently with Your swollen clit, gently licking and rolling around its edge. My lips encircle Your erect nub of pleasure, and I suck upon it tenderly. You moan in enjoyment, and I suck harder, making Your hips arch towards me. I can feel Your orgasm approaching as I continue to suck and lick faster and faster!


Your body stiffens and You cry out in pleasure; instantly, I position myself between Your firm thighs, my throbbing manhood plunges deeply inside Your delicious wetness. Oh, how wonderful it feels, completely embedded within You, sheathed by Your wet warmth. I am completely overcome with a feeling of love and desire for You.


I begin to slowly slide my pulsating shaft in and out of Your juicy pussy. The awesome feeling of Your tightness gripping my fully engorged manhood and the flowing juices of Your arousal lubricating each thrust carries me away to blissful nirvana, and sends me completely over the brink. The tempo of my thrusting increases as the intensity of our love making rises. Our movements become as one entity, Your hips rising to meet my deep thrusts. Oh, my only wish is that this feeling could last forever! I feel like I am in Nirvana, and as I reach the pinnacle of my desire, and a delicious tingling sensation takes over my entire body. The force of my orgasm overcomes me. I explode with a deep growl, my steamy hot liquid shoots deep inside of You as You moan.


Then, to my amazement You again scream out in ecstasy as another powerful orgasm overtakes Your vibrantly seductive body, and we continue to ride this tidal wave of orgasmic delight. It seems to go on forever, holding tightly to each other, as we travel along this sweet road of pure passion and bliss.


This feeling of being one, a most exquisite coming together of two souls needing each other, experiencing this simultaneous burst of orgasmic energy as we become one being, one soul, filling eternity together. What a wonderful thought and dream…


Oh, You are my desire, My Mistress… my Love!!!


Your loving servant,




My loving Harold,


Your beautifully written letter has left me with hope that one day we shall meet. I’m very careful to keep my emotions in check when friending someone here, but your openness, your desire to share your thoughts, your feelings, your honest journey, has allowed me to see the real you. And in doing so, it has given me the confidence to trust in you. I have been badly hurt, so I built the wall around my feelings quite high. But you have knocked it down. Not with a violent fist, but with intimate words of trust, compassion and vulnerability.


You have allowed me to explore the Dominant side of my nature, a side I never realized I had until you. And yet it seems logical to me now. I need to protect, to nurture, to control. But I also equally need to be cared for, cherished, and protected. For me, it is a careful balance that I walk without even realizing it until now. But there is one aspect of both sides of my personality that are common traits. I need affirmation – that my lover is pleased and happy, that I am cherished and loved, that whatever we do or wherever our fantasies take us, that we will do so with openness, trust, and communication.


So, my handsome Harold, my submissive that I never knew I needed; my Dominant that sensually brings me to the pinnacle of ecstasy with his beautiful words… Can you continue to give to me all I require and am I Dominant enough for you?


If so, then give me one fantasy that you have been hesitant to share, to show me your trust and allow me another intimate look at the man who has captured my desires and brought them to life with his prose. I shall do the same; and together, we shall continue this journey of sexual delight. But more than that, we will allow each other passage into our souls. And that, my lover, is where the most intimate relationship is waiting to be discovered.

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