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Keeping Your Brain Sharp as You Age

As we age, our brains start to shrink in size. When this change happens, some of the nerve cells lose vital connections with other...

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Possible Use-Cases for Blockchain-based Crowdfunding

Startups from around the world have found crowdfunding to be an extremely viable alternative to traditional venture capital. To date, crowdfunding initiatives have raised...

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Top Reasons Why Cryptocurrency Is The New Trend

With everything moving to the digital sphere, currency is also following suit. Even money is already going paperless, which is done through cryptocurrency. Ever...

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In What Ways Bitcoin Could Change Your Life

The Many Ways Bitcoin Can Change Your Life Cryptocurrency continues to rise in popularity, no matter how much traditional banks and countries continue to fight...

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What Are Bitcoin Trading Bots And How Do They Work?

Cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin, have evolved from being a topic that’s only mentioned in the niche FinTech industry into mainstream media. This type of money...

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