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    Monterey Bay
    Monterey Bay is in Northern California, around four hours north of Los Angeles. The Monterey Bay University (CSUMB) was founded in 1994 and is the second youngest school in the Cal State system. Students gravitate to the exceptional lifestyle as the school is set on the coast. Students will experience a first year seminar that is completed with a senior capstone project. CSUMB owns two research boats for studying the nearby region and coastline. This aids students for essay help online service and undergraduate research projects. There are around 4,300 students at this campus including 3,877 undergraduates.

    San Francisco State
    Located in the heart of the city, San Francisco State has one of the most diverse student bodies. Over 67 percent of their undergraduates are of color and gravitate from 94 countries. There are more international students at San Francisco State than any other master degree granting institutes in the United States. They offer over 115 bachelor?s degree programs and 95 masters programs. The institute has over 30,000 enrollments of which 25,000 are undergraduates.

    Some of the most popular colleges and universities on the planet are located in the western United States, primarily California. San Francisco State has the largest diverse and multi-cultural student body in the country and nearby Monterey attracts students for the inspiring coastal location. Long Beach is one of the state’s largest universities while Cal Poly Pomona has a staggering 1,438 acres.

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