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    People believe that education is the key to success, that’s why most parents invest more in their children?s future. Parents work hard to be able to send their children to great colleges and universities to ensure that their futures have a chance of being bright. Having a college education widens a person’s job options and you have greater opportunities in getting promoted in your chosen field. The school you choose also plays a role in your future. Yes, every school has their own way of teaching and inculcating knowledge to their students, but an education from an Ivy League or private university would more likely provide you with access to great companies. If you live in Texas, you have a lot of colleges to choose from, and some great private options available. Below you will learn more about Baylor University, a well-known private college in Texas that has taught leaders and great minds from the past.

    What Programs are Available?
    Not all students who go to Baylor University are fresh high school graduates. There are also students who have already earned their degrees but want to enhance their skills and knowledge in their chosen field. BU has a lot of college programs to cater to students; they have undergraduate programs, pre-health programs for students who want to pursue a degree in Medicine, essays online,graduate school, and doctoral programs. BU has some great undergraduate programs in Music, Theater, Visual and Performing Arts, Business, Aviation, plus many other majors. BU also has 30 doctoral programs and 75 master?s degree programs. You will definitely be able to find something to suit your needs here.

    How Much are Tuition and Fees?
    Of course, quality education does not come cheap. The tuition fees at BU may be high but this is to ensure that students will be provided with quality education, with advanced technologies, facilities, and school materials that can help them in their educational studies. The total estimated undergraduate tuition fee per semester (12 hours or more) is $16,044, with other applicable fees that can sum up to $4,576.73 in addition to this fee. The university has student services that offer financial aid to those students who cannot come up with the estimated amount needed for a regular college program. To learn further about the tuition and required fees in BU, you can contact the Student Financial Services of the university by calling them on 1-800-229-5678.

    What General Admission Requirements are There?
    BU admits students who can meet the school?s admission requirements 100 percent. Aspiring BU students will need to take standard admissions test which include ACT Residual for AP English, ACT Residual, a variety of national tests, HESI A2 Nursing test, and computerized Millers Analogy test. A score of 1140-1320 in SAT, and 24-29 in ACT will give you a sure spot at BU. To be admitted to BU you should also have passed a physical exam stating that you are fit to be admitted for college, and get the required vaccinations. Also, you should be able to pass their advance placement exams, or college level examinations. Be sure that you have met all the necessary requirements and you are willing to participate in BU?s rigorous school programs. A life at BU is very demanding; you need to make sure you are ready for it.

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