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  • billiegraves 6 days ago


    When you pursue the world of blogging, then inevitably you are required to write articles . And this is a routine that you can’t avoid if you don’t want to close the door early.

    In writing articles for blogging activities , you should post that you will publish in accordance with the blog topic that you carry.

    Why is that ?

    There are several reasons why you should pay attention to this, including:

    # Factor of Search Engines

    Search engines really like blogs whose content is in line with the topic. Search engine robotswill classify your blog according to the topics you specify.
    That way will make it easier to rank blogs according to user demand because they think your blog is really high quality.

    This is different if you are not consistent in posting, which results in search engine robots becoming confused when displaying results because your post contains mixed content.

    # Branding Factor

    If you want to be known credible in the field or topic you are in, blogging can indeed be a tool that can help make your way to make it easier.

    For this reason, if your blog topic is about motorbikes, then your post should also review motorbikes, even if that isn’t what you post, at least you can link it so that in this way you can still be consistent and your credibility can be at stake.

    Conversely, if you are not consistent, today post by using a seat belt while driving and then in your next post you make a cake recipe , then you can be sure that your credibility is questionable.

    Not only that, readers will also find it strange to see a significant difference, especially loyal visitors who subscribe to newsletters on your niche , many chances they will go and unsubscribe again.

    Consistency in posting itself has several types, namely:

    Consistent in writing articles with blog topics, it can also be consistent in writing keywords to blog topics, if the topic has been set up to discuss internet business then in writing content it must be internet business or related, as well as with others.

    That way will make search engine robots consider your blog quality because between relevant content and blog topics, it will also make readers feel comfortable.

    Those are some important points that you should pay attention to in each post, please if you want to add.

    Originally written by Billie Graves from VeePN

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