1. Exceptional team made up of financial veterans with more than 250 years combined experience in the fintech industry.
2. QASH and QUOINE are fully licensed and backed by the Japanese government.
3. Liquid World Book Official Launch in Q2 (This is HUGE).  ALL fiat money will be pegged to/fixed against Qash as a "global currency" 
4. The CEO Mike Kayamori envisioned QASH to eventually become a one of the top 3 largest cryptocurrency. Anything less would be seen as a huge disappointment. ( Very ambitious )
5. They are targeting and in talks with several financial institutions as well as partners to ultimately make QASH the preferred Token when it comes to their own existing and future financial services, as they gradually migrate to decentralized platforms.
6. Invested by Japan's richest man

Qash (QSH)

Useful Links
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