PIVX is short for Private Instant Verified Transaction.  PIVX is a proof of stake cryptocurrency that focuses on privacy and security. In the beginning of 2016 was when PIVX was forked out of DASH. A great advantage of it is its low entry barrier considering that there is no limit to the amount of this cryptocurrency which can be staked at any given time. However, you are required to keep your wallet active. Alternatively you can run a masternode if you have more than 10,000 PIV with you and you have the necessary knowledge to set up one. With an annual return of approximately 4.6%, it is definitely worth a try. 


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  1. PIVX uses zPoS, or zerocoin Proof of Stake, it’s the first anonymous consensus algorithm built with Proof of Stake. This also grants a return of around 7% a year. Would be great if you can update the article to reflect this.

    1. Thanks! I have just updated it. Regarding the return, I think you are referring to the masternode rewards? The masternode return is indeed 7% but the annual return specified above refers to the annual return via staking.