Metablox (official Polygon partner) aims to preserve humanities most important memories, forever on the blockchain. Memories matter -- your history, your ancestry, collective deserves to be passed on to future generations. But right now, memories are centralized on Dropbox, Google Photos, and even Instagram.

By utilizing the power of the blockchain, Metablox decentralizes your most important memories, living forever on the blockchain so that they can be passed down to future generations.

Most importantly, memories are rooted to Blox- Metablox's NFTs. The more meaningful the memory, the more valuable the Blox will be. Blox owner becomes the Memory Curator of a location, curating memories submitted from all over the world.

Metablox's vision is to create a more empathic, unified humanity. In the future, owners will be able to use augmented reality as they travel the world, experiencing the most important memories that happen in each new location visited. Speaking of which, immersing in the culture and history of the location like never before could now be made possible.

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