Insurepal is a unique insurance platform that is leaning toward the use of words of mouth and the power of blockchain innovative technology to build a decentralized peer-to-peer insurance scheme. The platform will replace the usual insurance to provide more coverage for different areas of life and business. The approach is already patent protected in the US and worldwide. It intends to be the first insurance company offering trust to members of the crypto community when a transaction occurs.

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  1. I spoke to a few friends in the insurance industry today in the US. I wanted their thoughts on the Insurepal business model as I am a heavy investor in the token. We compared the IPL business model to a business model that exists today, co-signing. The use of Blockhain Technology, resolves real world issues because the platform built could make the transaction data efficient, secure, and allow the social proof platform to provide a new standard of “co-signing”. This not only boosts user interaction but it also provides businesses a New “sale” oppurtunity. This boosts token use in the crypto world. The new generation which will use the platform can accumulate reward tokens and watch them grow in price. In the Insurance world, they agree Insurepal makes the social proof model efficient, and brings a new technological advancement to the insurance industry.