GoodBunny Society is a social movement of goodness, where anyone from anywhere regardless of background, social status, age, race, and gender can collectively make a positive impact to the world. With GoodBunny, everyone is welcome to join and be a part of the Spread of Goodness Family; a movement that advocates in creating good social impact to the surroundings and to this world.

GoodBunny Society will support NGOs or communities who are supporting one or more United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Approximately 50% of revenue from minting pre/public sale will goes to community wallet which will be used for (1) donate to NGOs and communities based on community voting; (2) fund GoodBunny Society holders initiatives; and (3) funding needs to pursue roadmap and marketing.

With the aim to becoming the pioneer and iconic NFT brand for social good through the creation of Web 3.0 of Global Giving + Philanthropy Fundraising, GoodBunny's roadmaps outlines exciting components which includes:- 

(1) donating specific NGOs based on DAO voting every month, (2) enable holders initiate and share their own social project (for potential funding), (3) provide access to exclusive contents, merchandise & IRL volunteering events, (4) build BunnyVerse in Sandbox/ Decentraland, (5) establish a tight and warm hearted community where people feel comfortable to hangout & share all of their thoughts and feeling in a safe space for everyone, and (6) develop P2E2D (play to earn to donate), etc in 2023.

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