Degen Labz is a community-driven space that will release projects based on culture, fashion, and all around amazing art for collectors to hold, use as inspiration, and collect over time. Led by a family orientated team of founders, artists, and animators, Degen Labz advocates in creating a platform where all the Degens of WEB3 a space could voice their opinions, thoughts, and creativity all in one place.

Degen Kidz is a collection of 10,000 unique late 90s / 2000s nostalgic y2k inspired randomly generated NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain.

Degen Labz immediately releases project-specific utilities for every project lauch, on top of have utility as a whole for IRL and WEB3. From IRL "work hubs" that holders can venture into, to meeting other community members and build, to launching merchandises, accessories, and IRL collaborative events, airdrops and WL for new projects are some of the exciting developments that community can look out for.

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