Libertarians from all over the World have a new safe haven: Liberstad, a self-proclaimed “private city” in the Scandinavian region. Located close to Kristiansand in Southern Norway, the place is seeing a significant number of anarcho-capitalists and libertarians flock to it.


The “city” was established in April of 2017 after selling 37 acres of plot. Liberstad stretches over 370 acres of land. The place attracts an increasing number of like-minded settlers. Land plots sell at rates like 9400 USD for 1000 m2 or 75000 Norwegian Kronor. If you want a larger plot, you can also buy 5000 m2 for 47100 USD. Accepting 27 different cryptocurrencies, Liberstad plans to allow the first settlers to move in by 2020. The city plans on handing out the purchased land plots gradually.


As written by Tommy Jespersen from website, the project describes itself as “a voluntary, profit-based, private enterprise that offers protection of life, freedom, and property within a particular area.” The founders argue against claims of utopian ideas. They claim that instead of a utopian society, they’re creating a working, well-tested business model applied for the specific needs of living together.


The founders, John Holmesland and Sondre Bjellås bought the Tjelland farm in the municipality of Marnardal in 2017. After conducting negotiations with authorities, the project began to take shape. The local government granted permission for ownership of the property and hence the project started to take shape.


Today, there’s a lot of international money flowing in. The place is on its way to becoming a full-fledged settlement.

A fully functioning community

This is neither the first nor the only project like this. A similar project is the Free Republic of Liberland established by Czech libertarian Vít Jedlička in 2015. Another example is the Seasteading Institute’s plan to develop a “permanent and politically autonomous settlement” in the Pacific Ocean. Similarly, Atlantic Station inspired the founders as well.

John and his partner are also planning to create a full-fledged police force, fire department and functioning water supply. They’re inviting companies to offer their services on these and other tasks necessary for a functioning community.

The only requirements the founders have for settlers are respecting the principle of non-aggression and above all – private property rights. Some of the Norwegian officials are dismissing these plans as unrealistic. The partners disagree and commit to seeing their plans through.


Full article in Norwegian:

Liberstad’s new official currency

Now, the self-proclaimed city has adopted a cryptocurrency as its official and only means of exchange. “City Coin” is based on the project’s “Smart City” platform. It uses blockchain technology in order to create and support the necessary services for the city.


“Whereas cities currently rely on public services operated by government entities, City Chain gives existing and emerging cities such as Liberstad the opportunity to build and offer services conducted on a private, internal and voluntary basis”.


The platform is home to many features the city will need. One of these features is “City Hub”.”City Hub” will allow its inhabitants to interact with the community, vote on initiatives, register property and also have a multitude of other options.


Liberstad received a single payout of 10 million CITY tokens and will continue to receive 200 000 more every month. The token is already tradeable on the Liberstad exchange and in the future will be used to purchase land plots within the city as well.

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