As with any form of technology, cryptocurrency has its good and bad sides. It can be a great investment tool but it can also be somewhat tricky to use. That issue is just one of many that cryptocurrency is currently facing. 

It’s Difficult To Learn

One of the main things that those in the community often forget is that it is tricky for the average person to learn how blockchain and coin mining works. The learning curve can be even steeper if the curious potential user in question has no previous experience in tech.

This is great for those who do have knowledge as they can possibly earn an income from assisting in such areas as b2b marketing for businesses focused on investing or transactions for individual investors. However, this issue could keep the monetary form from becoming widely used and that can hurt overall profits. 

It’s Prone To Scams and Hacks

As the technology for crypto is too complicated for most people to grasp, this can leave most people vulnerable to scammers who will take advantage of their ignorance. Victims can find themselves losing money to investments that they thought were legitimate or fake apps and websites.

There’s also the vulnerability that blockchain programs have to hackers. The data involved in wallets and transactions tend to exist on an internet-accessible network. If the security for this software isn’t strong enough, then hackers can easily break in and steal every bit of digital property from holders. These problems are not unique to crypto, of course, and the coding that is more effective in protecting investors will likely appear in the future. For now, though, these issues create a fog of apprehension around the whole process. 

It Will Likely Be Regulated Soon

Crypto originated as a way to make transactions between individuals without the banks, the police, or government being able to easily access the memory of such data points as who gave the money and who received it as well as how much was given and taken. This aspect of the monetary tool made it an ideal way to make purchases of illegal items such as drugs.

Crypto has come a long way from that shady past since then, but it still has been causing the government many headaches because it’s so difficult to track. Discussions are already underway as to how the currency can be controlled. As good as it is to halt many forms of criminal activity, the future laws around blockchain could cause even the white hat holders a fair amount of financial or lifestyle harm.  

It Has Scalability And Environmental Issues

It takes a lot of processing power and time to create the unique strings of data that make something like bitcoin. Two major problems stem from this factor. The first is that it’s not easy to create a large amount of these coins, so it will likely not be possible to supply a sizable populace with them. This is one of the big reasons why it might not be possible for nationwide financial systems to run solely on the currency; a plan which has been discussed from time to time between various lawmakers.

The mining computers also eat up massive amounts of energy as they perform their tasks. Those in the environmental community often recommend using as little electricity as possible to lessen the number of fossil fuels that wind up in the atmosphere. Future technologies will likely relieve these issues years from now but, as of yet, there are no real solutions to these issues. 

Crypto is a new technology and as such there are a lot of problems that still need to be fixed. There is also a lot of room for it to evolve. What it will become decades in the future will be much better than its current version. By then, a lot of these kinks in the system will have been worked out. 

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